Men’s Solar Watches – Top 5

men's solar watches

Men’s Solar Watches, What’s The Deal?

Take a look as we go through what makes up a solar watch, the benefits, drawbacks, and our top 5 picks!


Men’s solar watches been growing in popularity over the past few years, and rightfully so. Not only does this light powered style of movement help to keep your watch going for much longer than a quartz battery, but it also helps to save the planet, reducing the use of battery’s, with a recharging solar energy cell. The aim of having a solar powered watch, is that it will keep going continuously, as once it has charge, the exposure to sun light everyday will keep its power level up, meaning that it should never stop on you.

In our experience we see that these solar powered watches can last much much longer than a quartz battery. A battery of this style would usually be expected to last between 1-2 years with a standard watch battery, which is used in the majority of watches these days. With a Solar powered watch, we have seen them last twice as long as this, and its hard to say when they will actually stop, as the light will keep them going and going!

So, in no particular order, take a look at 5 of our favorite solar watches, that you can purchase right now, at a range of different price points!

Citizen – CB5008-82E

Red Arrows Special Edition Radio Controlled Eco-Drive

A fantastic watch from the masters of solar power, Citizen. Citizen are one of the brands responsible for the rise in popularity and even the creation of solar powered watches, with their patented Eco-Drive technology which you have probably heard all about! Men’s solar watches range in styles and designs hugely, as the solar module is hidden in the dial, allowing for variations in the aesthetics. We have chosen one of the most popular watches from Citizen for this list, the Red Arrows special edition, from one of their flagship collections, this is a great looking watch, and on top of that it is radio controlled, which is a huge selling point for the watch!

The combination of solar power and a radio controlled movement is a huge selling point for this watch, and being inside a fantastic Red Arrows case, makes it one of the most well rounded and feature packed men’s solar watches on the site, definitely one to check out.

Read more about this watch here.


Seiko – SUP880P1

Classic Tonneau Solar

For someone who’s looking for more of a classic style solar powered watch. Seiko are one of the leaders in solar technology, with a large amount of their collection being solar powered, which also gets transferred to the Pulsar and Lorus brands too.

This model is a great example of Seiko’s work with solar technology, a hugely reliable and economic movement, powering a classy, traditional watch. This men’s solar watch showcases so many classic design elements, starting with the Tonneau, rectangular gold PVD plated case, and with the black roman numeral indices, this is a great looking watch. This is a great option if you want to have the reliability and charging of solar power, whilst maintaining the look of a smart, traditional watch.

solar 2

Casio – EQB-501XDB-1AMER

Edifice Bluetooth Tough Solar Racer

Casio’s Edifice range is filled with tech filled, men’s solar watches, which have proved to be hugely popular over the last few years. These watch have gained such a reputation from the amount of features that they contain. Not only is this Casio watch powered by a solar module but it also contains Bluetooth technology,allowing you to connect it to your smartphone, for time setting, alarms, activity tracking and many more features.

For such a technology heavy watch, the power requirements are slightly larger than usual, meaning that a standard quartz battery would not last very long at all, which is where the solar module comes in to keep the watch going, by the power of light. A fantastic watch for someone who is interested in a watch that does more than just telling the time, whilst maintaining a fantastic look!

solar 3

Junghans – 018/1133.44

Force Mega Solar

Junghans are one of the most popular luxury watches around, their perfect balance of technology and luxury materials allows them to target a niche market, which has turned them into one of the powerhouses of the watch world. They also offer a number of different solar watches, both for men and women, which gives you the most accurate watch imaginable, without sacrificing an ounce of style.

The 018/1133.44 features a fantastic built in radio signal receiver, which the watch uses to automatically adjust the time displayed after seasonal time changes, and when you travel to another time zone. This watch features black ceramic links, and case, which has come to be a signature design feature form the German brand, and gives an eye catching, classy look.

This watch would be the perfect watch for someones looking at men’s solar watches, but who is also heavily passionate about time keeping, and has an eye for detail and precision.

solar 4

Bering – 14639-227

Slim Solar Collection

Bering are another brand who have been known to show a great interest and passion in global warming, and the environment, previously creating a limited edition Polar Bear watch. Moving in this direction, Bering also introduced a solar collection, which we have chosen one of their slim models today.

The main focus of this watch is to be environmentally friendly, and to look good doing it. this is one of the best looking solar watches around, the clean, simple dial adds so much depth and detail, whilst being reserved and classy.

This model is one of the cheaper solar watches available, proving that having this style of movement wont necessarily add lots to the price tag, and yo can still find them at great prices, without having to compromise on the quality or reliability.

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