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The New Citizen Promaster Aqualand

The new Citizen Promaster Aqualand, from the popular Promaster collection that has already brought us fantastic watches like the Promaster Altichron WR200, this new model arrives with all the features you’d expect from an ISO-compliant Citizen diving watch!
As is the case with a large amount of Citizen watches, this Aqualand Promaster is powered by light, using Eco-Drive technology, meaning that this watch will never need a battery! Any light, natural or artificial will keep you going and on time, wherever the day is taking you! The watch also comes with a power reserve indicator so that you can keep track of the power levels throughout your next adventure.
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What’s inside the Citizen Promaster Aqualand?

Being powered by light helps the watch in a number of ways, not only is it much more eco-freindly, but it also allows the watches many features to be powered when you need them most. Being a ISO-Compliant dive watch, there are many features included on this model that make it the ideal timepiece for venturing into the deep! These dive features include a depth display of up to 70m, as well as a maximum depth display, so that throughout your whole dive you can remain at safe depths, and be able to monitor your position accurately, not only this, but the Aqualand also comes with a start dive mode, water sensor, and rapid ascent alarm, which all combines, and works together to give you as much information and guidance on your dive as possible, this gives you an increased level of safety, and will also allow you more time to focus on your surroundings rather than looking at multiple different pieces of equipment.
To support it’s fantastic features, this watch also comes with a one-way rotating bezel, a screw-back case, and screw-down crown, all of which help to make diving a better experience, and allow the watch to have a water resistance of 200m (20 bar). Other supporting features that the Citizen Promaster Aqualand will come with, is an anti-magnetic, anti-shock case construction, and an extender clasp to fit over a wet-suit. With the anti-magnetic and anti-shock technology inside, the watch will provide an increased durability, helping it to run for longer, and more accurately too.
Citizen promaster Aqualand

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