Junkers Change Name To Iron Annie Watches

Iron Annie watches

German watch makers Pointtec, who are known for producing Junkers watches, as well as Zepplin watches too, have made the announcement recently that they will be changing the Junkers name to Iron Annie, for future collections. There will be no changes to any of the current lines from Junkers like the 6812-1 J1 or designs, or to the way the watches and guarantee’s etc work.

Iron Annie is the nickname given to the Ju 52 German transport aircraft that has been manufactured since the 1920’s by Junkers, a major industrialist in the Germany. This aircraft was such a popular transport due to it’s use mainly in civilian roles throughout World War II, and since, it’s use as an air ambulance or as a troop and cargo carrier for the Luftwaffe.

Although some can still be seen at wartime and aviation museums, and shows, the plane has almost vanished since 1945, yet remains a popular model in the world of planes! The aircraft itself had a distinct aesthetic, with corrugated metal alloy on the exterior, which has previously been imitated on Junkers watches, a feature that will continue on to some Iron Annie models.

Iron Annie Junkers

This re branding sees Pointtec move away from the Junkers brand, which will now be produced by the Junkers family themselves , which we are expecting to see launched later on in the year. Pointtec are hoping that that the Iron Annie name is going to pick up even more traction for the brand, appealing to customers in a new way, evoking a more positive response from the market and consumers!

Why Iron Annie?

Our experience in the UK and America suggest that any potential challenges with changing the name from Junkers to Iron Annie would be more than made up for by the fact that customers would have a much more positive reaction because of warmth and recognition to the Iron Annie aircraft and because it did not sound like junk.

Hans Brandt, sales director UK/Ireland

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