Klokers Watch Wins German Design Award

Klokers watch winner

The German Design Award 2019 – A Klokers watch is the winner!

Klokers flagship model, the Klok-01 has been awarded the prestigious award, being recognized for its unique striking design.

The embelmatic Klokers Watch Klok-01 from the Swiss watchmakers, has been rewarded by one of the most prestigious design international competitions. This is a huge award for the brand, and shows how innovative and unique the watch really is, a truly deserved award. The Klock-01 stood out from the competition, up against big names and popular products, Klokers innovative style, and interchangeable design was what allowed them to get a step above the rest, and claim the award!

The German Design Award honors innovative products and projects. Awarding manufacturers and designers, which are groundbreaking in both, the German, and international design landscapes. This is guaranteed by the consistent high-caliber international jury. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented economy. Being one of the big winners of this competition is truly an honor.


Klokers – Klok-01

The Klok-01 model has been praised for bringing a new dynamic to the world of watches, a different way of telling the time, and a versatile, multi functional use for a watch. The watch head/case is actually separate to the strap. Of course, with almost every watch on the market, the strap or bracelet can be removed from the case, however, with the Klock-01 this has been taken to a new level.

Firstly, you will choose which case you want, there is 3 different variations, all stainless steel, and the same design, but you can choose between the colour, from Yellow, Blue and Black. Next you will be able to select the accompanying accessory or strap, and of course being interchangeable using their unique locking mechanism on the rear of the case, there is no limit to the combinations you can collect! You can then choose a few different variations of the standard leather strap, with different colours and sizes, and also wrap arounds available. You can also purchase a few different accessories, or attachments that can be used with the watch, like belt clips, or desk holders so that you can sit the watch on your desk, or wear it in other places, other than your wrist!

This level of personalisation, along with the unique way that the time is told on the dial makes for a fantastic watch. Rather than having hands that tick aroud the dial to indicate the time, the actual dial itself moves on a Klokers watch. The Klok-01 has three rings for the hours, minutes and seconds, which rotate for each time period, making for a completely new way of telling the time on your watch!


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