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The German Design Award 2019 – A Klokers watch is the winner! Klokers flagship model, the Klok-01 has been awarded the prestigious award, being recognized for its unique striking design. The embelmatic Klokers Watch Klok-01 from the Swiss watc
Many things we do in our day to day lives are to try and showcase our individuality however it can be hard to find something that has not been done before. Klokers aim to provide you with your very own timepiece in order to express your singularity.
Klokers watches, Swiss Made Customisable Watches and Accessories Many of us feel that the days in the 21st century are getting shorter with time feeling like it is speeding up, this is due to the demands of the world now needing constant attention. S
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Klokers Watches

Authorised retailer for Klokers Watches. Klockers isn't just a watch brand, they are a brand which incorporates fashion, design and watches so that the wearer can express their true individuality and also reclaim their time. There aren't many brand that create the same kind of craftsmanship as Klockers and their product is truly unique. Their philosophy questions a society that moves 100 miles an hour and often forgets to slow things down so that they can appreciate life more.

Brand Technology

These one of a kind watches are made in the one and only Switzerland, using state of the art technology and design to create their brand identity and products. The time display and fixing system are both patented, the assembly architecture allows their watches to be an affordable price. Klokers watches tell the time like no other timepiece. Rather than having two hands to direct the wearer what time it is, it has 3 complications in the dial which allow the seconds, minutes and hours to spin separately.

Brand Style

Klokers were created in 2015 and are still fairly new to the watch market. They are well suited for people seeking watch with a craving for something new and different. These timepieces are contemporary, fresh and playful in design, an accessory which has the capability to adapt to the wearer.

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