The Raymond Weil Parsifal Reintroduced

Raymond Weil Parsifal

After making a splash in the world of watches during the 90’s, the Raymond Weil Parsifal is back!

The Raymond Weil Parsifal has always been a favorite among fans of the Swiss brand, with its unique design, it is a recognizable watch, which shows why! The latest version of this timepiece collection represents an attempt from Raymond Weil to merge this classic design with their modern design aesthetic, tweaking this tried and tested formula, which includes distinctive curved outlines, and that cross link bracelet.

The latest release we saw from the Swiss watch makers was the Marshall Limited Edition, which you can shop here now! But now we also have the latest models from the Parsifal collection, we currently only have one version of this watch available online, which you can see here, but we are hoping for more soon!

The selling point of this watch is the cross link bracelet, a completely unique design that cannot be found anywhere else. It adds a totally new feel to the watch that you cannot get from an other, and bring class and luxury to the stainless steel bracelet. This is available form Raymond Weil in both men’s and women’s watches, and can be purchased on this cross link stainless steel bracelet, or a leather strap, depending on how you like to wear your watch!


Overall this is a fantastic looking collection of watches, which have proved to be really popular with fans of Raymond Weil over the years, and would make a great addition to anyone’s collection! Not only does this watch feature the fantastic cross link bracelet, but the dials and cases are also fantastic, with that luxury Swiss aesthetic flowing strongly throughout. Available in a whole range of different colours and designs, there is definitely a piece form this collection form everyone out there!

If it is not the Parsifal collection that you are interested in, then make sure to check out all of the watches that we stock from Raymond Weil by clicking here!


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