Broken Camera To Stylish Wristwatch

Stylish Wristwatch

Today’s wristwatches are made from all sorts of weird and wonderful materials. You can pick up hundreds of beautiful watches made from wood, illegal guns and even old car parts. It seems as though manufacturers like Triwa (and even some individuals) are locked in a competition to create a stylish wristwatch made from the most unusual materials.

Now Alireza Rostami has decided to join the party using one of his broken cameras. This watch is not for sale but it is a great example of the kind of contraption which can be created with a bit of creativity and technical knowledge. Lets take a look at the broken camera which has been turned into a stylish wristwatch.

Turning a Camera Into a Stylish Wristwatch

Stylish Wristwatch

Alireza decided to buy a broken Seagull Twin-Lens Reflex Camera from a friend who had discarded it because it could not be fixed. His plan was to take the device to pieces and reverse engineer it so that he could find a way to continue to take pictures with the device. Alireza put together a range of designs which would allow him to continue to use the shutter. He discussed these ideas with friends – who suggested he turned it into photographic glasses. But in the end he decided to develop it into a stylish wristwatch.

The pieces were put together into a watch shaped device which was then attached to a strap so that it could be worn on the wrist. The lens is used for the watch face and makes for a very interesting look and feel for the device. There is a coin-shaped slot at the back of the device for a film to be inserted and the shutter release on the side of the camera watch so that photos can be taken. Photographs are taken on the camera watch by setting a timer (built into the device) or by operating it manually.

The device requires the photographer to cut each piece of film into a circle in order to allow the device to work. Once these have been inserted into the device coin-sized photographs can be taken on the wristwatch and developed as normal. The photographs taken so far by Alireza show his house and garden and the ones we have seen don’t look bad at all! Some of these have been uploaded to Instagram by the photographer along with videos of him using the camera watch.

The Gadget Shutter or Watch Shutter?

Stylish Wristwatch

Alireza may have created this stylish wristwatch but has not quite decided what it should be called just yet. “I like to call it the Gadget Shutter, Watch Shutter or Watch Camera, so it has three possible names,” explained Alireza Rostami. Whatever he decides to call his camera, there’s no doubt that this device may just be one of the most cool inventions of 2018. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see other watch lovers or photographers trying to make one of their very own in the near future.

If any of you reading make your own camera watch then please let us know how you get on in the comments below!

Images: Alireza Rostami

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