This Watch Could Save Your Life!

It seems as though watches can just about do anything these days. Whether you one which could help you lose weight, read an email or even tell you if a football crossed the line – there’s a watch out there which will do it! It’s amazing how many technological advancements have recently taken place in the world of watches.

The iBeat Heart Watch has been created by a new start up and has taken a bold step forward to create a watch which could do something incredible. That’s right, this watch could save your life! Read on to find out how.

Why The iBeat Heart Watch Was Created!

Ryan Howard started up the iBeat company due to a very personal tragedy. One of his childhood friends died suddenly in his sleep three years ago. This was, understandably, was a shock to him and a real wake-up call. He explained in an interview with Business Insider that “Having a friend pass away so young, especially from more of like a natural cause, was really moving to me.”

This pushed Howard to look for a device which could help alert his partner if he ever stopped breathing. To his surprise, there was no device out there which did what he intended. The only slightly similar devices he could find were incapable of detecting heart attacks or strokes. Most people would give up at this stage – but not Ryan Howard – instead, he went out and created his own!

How the iBeat Heart Watch Could Save Your Life!

The iBeat Heart Watch includes a heart rate monitor which collects your heart data once every 100 seconds. This data is analysed by the watch to see if there is anything abnormal taking place. If there is something in the data which could be a concern, the watch alerts you and asks if something is wrong. If you confirm to the watch that there is something wrong, or you don’t respond for 10 seconds, the watch alerts the emergency services and your emergency contact.

The watch also allows you to notify the emergency services if you have another medical emergency. For example, if you are trapped or if you have fallen and can’t move. In these circumstances the screen on the watch acts as a panic button. It also allows you to store data about your medical history and known allergies which can be presented to paramedics if you have an emergency.

Unlike many smartwatches out there, the watch has a built in cellular and GPS connection. This is vital for ensuring that the watch is able to help even if your phone is out of battery or out of range. It impressively has four days of charge, impressive for such a technologically impressive watch, and can be charged right from your wrist.

These features ensure that the iBeart Heart Watch could save your life!

Become a Heart Hero!

What is even more impressive is the service that has been developed to solve the biggest problem for a watch like this. If you have an emergency related to your heart you need to get CPR within three to five minutes to give you the best chance of survival. But unfortunately your watch cannot administer CPR! So they have created an app called Heart Hero which creates a “a group of CPR-trained good Samaritans” according to Howard. These CPR-trained good Samaritans create the conditions that mean the iBeat Heart Watch could save your life.

This new app trains people to carry out CPR and will notify someone nearby is having a heart emergency. If you are within range of someone suffering then it will ask if you can help. The first person to respond will be directed to the person and the second person to respond will be directed to the nearest automated external defibrillator.

This means that if you are wearing a iBeat Heart Watch you know that there are people out there ready to help if you have a heart emergency. This means that Ryan Howard may have helped create a world where many, many people who currently die heart emergencies may be saved. And that is great news for everyone!

The iBeat Heart Watch has started shipping the 11,000 pre-sold units in the United States this month. In 2019 the white and rose gold variations of the watch will go on sale. It is expected that international versions of the watch will be released in the near future.

Images: iBeat, Rama

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