Apple Watch 4 Revealed In New Report?

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It’s getting closer and closer to the big technological event of the year as Apple look to release their newest smart devices. How can we not look forward to seeing what Apple will bring to the market this year. Especially after they announced three huge new smartphones alongside the Apple Watch Series 3 at their 2017 launch.

One announcement which is highly anticipated this year is a new Apple Watch. Some exciting news on the latest Apple wearable appears to have been leaked from a very reliable source. As the date for the announcement comes closer the internet seems to be ablaze with websites stating “Apple Watch 4 Revealed!” But has it been revealed? Read on and find out!

Apple Watch 4 Revealed by KGI Securities

KGI Securities are one of the most trusted sources for information about new Apple Watch releases. Information about previous Apple Watch releases has often came from this trusted source. In the newest report it seems as though KGI Securities have quashed some recent rumours about a circular screen.

KGI Securities have revealed that the only thing that will be changing about the Apple Watch 4 screen is the size. This contradicts reports which came out following a recent Apple patent which shows them working on a circular screen. It seems as though either the latest device may have arrived slightly too soon to include the new screen. This is good news for those who want to use their favourite bands and accessories with the latest Apple Watch.

Ming-Chi Kuo is the KGI Securities employee behind the “Apple Watch 4 Revealed” headlines. Kuo has made a very specific revelation about the size of the screen on the latest Apple Watch upgrade. The current iteration of the Apple Watch has screen size options of 1.31 or 1.54 inches depending on which model you go for. The Apple Watch 4 revealed screen sizes are 1.57 or 1.78 inches – giving a massive boost to the wearable experience for users.

It’s unknown whether this screen size boost means that the watch will be larger. There are rumours that the bezel will be designed in such a way to house a larger screen without increasing the size of the watch itself.

It has also been revealed that the Apple Watch 4 is set to have massively improved heart rate monitoring features. Although the specifics are light, the report states that the device will feature a brand new sensor which is more sensitive. This will hopefully make the heart rate monitoring features more accurate and improve the fitness tracking features.

Kuo has also made even larger predictions about the announcements at this years Apple conference. It’s expected that the Apple Watch 4 will be announced alongside two new MacBooks, two new iPads and THREE new iPhones! Apple fans everywhere will be excited to get their hands on the latest versions of Apple’s new devices.

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Images: Mike Deerkoski

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