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Watch World Cup – Skagen vs Seiko

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In this post we are taking a look at Denmark vs Japan, Skagen vs Seiko. Check out all you need to know about our ‘Watch World Cup’ here before you head into the latest match-up! We look into the nations competing at Russia 2018 and the watch brands that are coming out of their country! Some watchmaking giants are put up against some of the smaller niche brands, to create some interesting matchups to look into! Take a look at our most recent post here!

Denmark vs Japan Skagen vs Seiko

Denmark vs Japan

Denmark and Japan, both off to winning starts against Peru and Colombia respectively. And both looking like very strong teams going forward. Each team has their own talisman attacking midfielder at this years World Cup, with Kagawa of Dortmund running the show for the Japanese, and freekick master Christian Eriksen, the Spurs talisman lining up for the Danish.

This doesn’t mean these are one man teams by any means. Both looking solid at the back, and dangerous on the attack, making for exciting matches and fast football. Two teams to definitely keep an eye on, they might not be going the whole way (This is the World Cup so who knows?) but will definitely give us some fantastic games of football.

Skagen vs Seiko

Skagen and Seiko are two of the largest brands around, Skagen aimed towards the fashion market, and Seiko more towards collectors, or enthusiasts, or simply someone interested in a quality reliable watch, not to say Skagen aren’t these things!

First up we have Skagen, out of Denmark, this brand creates fantastic looking watches, with a whole range of designs, whilst retaining that Danish design element. Simple, smart designs that fit well and wear comfortably. Skagen target both men and women with a whole range of watches and jewellery, which have proven to be extremely popular over the years. A household name that most people have heard of shows the reputation the brand has, and the quality of the watches prove that this reputation is well deserved! Also, make sure to read our fantastic post about Skagens Hybrid Wearables!

Seiko, are one of the largest, most well known brands around. Reliable and quality watches, with all kinds of different features and designs available. Seiko also have different ranges, including the Astron, presage and Padi, which have proven to be extremely popular and successful for the Japanese brand. One of Seiko’s biggest draw is the Seiko 5 range, which you can read all about here. This range shows the diversity that the brand has, with prices also differing from under £100 all the way up to the thousands!

Two extremely popular and well known brands, Skagen vs Seiko, which are you choosing? Let us know in the comments!

Skagen vs Seiko

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