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skagen hybrid smartwatch

skagen hybrid wearables

Skagen have released a range of hybrid watches that they have added to their wearables collection. The new hybrid smartwatch unites the brands clean design that we know and love with smart technology to create timepieces that complements, not complicates their great watches.

Discreet alerts allow you to receive completely silent alerts that are filterable by you to allow for maximum customisation. Unlike many smartwatches on the watch market currently Skagens hybrid watches do not need charging, instead they have a replaceable coin cell battery for faster less hassle use.

Automatic accuracy means that this is the most accurate Skagen watch to date. The hybrid smartwatches also include an activity tracker which can keep track of your steps for ultimate fitness analytics on the move.

Th watches phone finder is perfect when you have misplaced your mobile,  we’ve all been there and its a pain trying to find your phone especially when its on silent and you’re running late in the morning. Let Skagen take all this stress away at the press of a button you mobile phone will ring even when it is on silent.

If you’re thinking about buying a Skagen Hybrid watch and are having trouble making up your mind why not check out the hashtag #SKAGENhybrid on Instagram where you can see lots of photos of people with the watch who post their best photos of themselves with their stunning watch. Whilst you’re on their why not give our page a follow too to keep up to date with the latest news and products from us, you can do this here.

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Everyone has that moment when you’re at the gym or on the tube crammed with people all making the morning commute and you have to keep getting your phone out of your pocket to keep changing track or adjusting the volume. Well thanks to music control changes like these need not make for any inconvenience.

The watch also features ‘Time Zone View’ which allows you to view which time zone you are currently in at the press of a button which is great for the travelling business man or woman as well as avid travellers going out and exploring the world.

The hybrid watches also feature interchangeable straps to allow you to customise your watch for optimal comfort whatever you are doing whether it is in the gym where you need a light weight rubber strap of at a business meeting where a solid stainless steel link or mesh bracelet is more suitable Skagen have you covered.

Another amazing feature is the camera control allowing you to take that perfect holiday snap or even selfie on the go without the awkward arms or wonky angles. It allows you to take a photo at the click of a button so you can stand your phone up and take a step back for great photos and perfect memories.

For those of us who want to streamline their sleep and get more rest for better daily focus and concentration the sleep tracker is a perfect addition to this watch. It sends the results of your sleep tracker to your phone so you can analyse and develop your sleep to try and get an optimal nights kip.

The watch has hit some serious analytics and even been featured in a number of magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Wareable, Men’s Journal, The Zoe Report and Vogue.

“Want the functionality of a smartwatch but with a classic look? SKAGEN’s hybrid watches are the perfect blend of both.” –

skagen hybrid smartwatchStay Connected

They way that you want.

The SKAGEN app lets you customise which notifications and alerts you want to receive, monitor your activity and sleep, keep track of personalised goals and more.

The watch is compatible with the iPhone 5+ using IOS 8+ and Android Devices 4.4+

How It Works

  1. Your SKAGEN hybrid smartwatch is powered by the SKAGEN app which you can download for free on the IOS or Android app stores. You can then follow the easy-to-use instructions to get you started.
  2. You next need to follow the prompts on the app to sync your smartphone with the watch. This will allow you to unlock the full range of features that the app has and allows your hybrid smartwatch to wirelessly send information about your activity, sleep and more to the app. You can then view all the data at a glance quickly and conveniently.
  3. Select the features that are most important to you and assign them to three pusher buttons on your hybrid smartwatch. You can also set the personalised goals, choose your favourite contacts, select time zones and more all from within the app itself.

If you have just got a Skagen hybrid smartwatch and need some help setting or using functions & features check out these handy videos for help:

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