Celebrating 100 Years of Citizen

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The Limited Edition Satellite Wave GPS F990

Global watch making giants, Citizen, are celebrating their 100th year anniversary with a monumental celebration and a new limited edition collection of 8 watches. The theme for the new collection of watches is “moment when light is transformed into time.”  and its set to be a big hit around the globe. They released the Satellite wave GPS F990 at Baselworld 2018.  The brand new F990 is an incredible movement which actually doubles the speed of the hour and minute hand spinning.

citizen 100 year anniversary cc7005-16GThe Satellite Wave GPS CC7005-16G is an incredible watch that any watch collector or Citizen watch enthusiast must own. It has been released to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Citizen Watches and is limited to only 1500 pieces worldwide. The case is made from titanium and the strap from a silicone rubber. The watches dimensions are 48.5mm case width and 18.25mm case depth so it is a larger faced watch that contains some impressive technology as well as a unique design.

The movement in the watch is a Cal F990 which has an incredible accuracy of ±5 seconds a month, it can run for 1.5 years on reserve and even 5 years with power save mode on.

The watch is a satellite wave GPS so it uses satellites to make sure your timepiece is keeping accurate time depending on where in the world you are at any time. IT also features a chronograph, date and day display, UTC mode, alarms and glow in the dark markers and hands.

The titanium case has been IP plated in a black coating to match the dial and strap of the watch for this very dark addition to the satellite wave GPS series. It is available in Autumn 2018 and will most likely be out of stock very soon after. The watch is water resistant to 50 metres and is fully powered by Citizens infamous Eco-Drive technology.

As with all our Citizen watches this watch will come with a 5 year guarantee as well as a little leaflet explaining how to get an additional year for free by registering your watch online.

citizen 100 years anniversary cc4004-58FThe Citizen Attesa CC4004-58F is also a super titanium model from Citizen released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the brand at Baselworld 2018. This model is also limited to 1000 pieces and is expected to sell out instantly as soon as it is released. The watches glass is a sapphire crystal that has been coated in AR  (anti reflective coating). The diameter of the Atessa is 44mm and the thickness is 15.1mm so it is a little smaller in width and height than the Satellite Wave GPS CC7005-16G.

The movement of this watch is a Cal F950 which has an accuracy of ±5 seconds per month, it can run from the eco-drive function for 1.5 years which is extended to 5 years in power save function mode. The watch features a chronograph, date display at the 5 o’clock position, day display and is water resistant to 100 metres.

The watch hands are coated in luminous paint so you can see them in poor or low lighting conditions, it has a satellite wave GPS, world time function, dual time, alarm and light level indicator. The impressive list of features in this watch set it up to be one of the most popular watches in the collection, this is also due to the popularity of this watch especially with the metal bracelet.

This watch is also not available until Autumn 2018 so sadly you will have to wait to get your hands on this incredible timepiece.

citizen 100 years anniversary BZ1044-08EThe Citizen Eco-Drive Bluetooth BZ1044-08E is another addition to the celebratory collection of timepieces and is also made from super titanium. The watch is Bluetooth connected and is filled with sophistication and class. The watches cut glass reflects the light off the rose gold bezel beautifully.

The Bz1044-08E features a Cal W770 movement which has an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month which is when it is not receiving signals. The watch can run using the Eco-Drive technology for four years from full charge when in power saving mode.

The watch also features a chronograph which can measure up to a maximum of 60 minutes, an alarm, local time, second time zone, day date, 24 hour time, light level indicator, power reserve indicator, perpetual calendar and a screw back case.

The watch is water resistant to 100 metres and the black silicone rubber strap features a deployment clasp which needs to be cut to the wearers size.

It is useful to note that this watch will actually stop after approximately 9 months on full charge without extra charge when it is being used with a smartphone. and it will stop after approximately 18 months when not used with a smartphone.



citizen 100 years anniversary EE4058-19EThe beautiful EE4058-19E Eco-Drive Bluetooth for ladies is a breathtaking stainless steel and leather strap timepiece released as part of the Citizen 100th year anniversary collection.  The design completely eliminates any digital style of the watch and adds elegance and sophistication to your wrist.

The silver roman numerals stand out against the bold black dial and bezel with only a single gold ring around the outside of the face to define the borders of the dial.

This watch is limited to only 1500 models worldwide and with it being one of only three different models being released to mark this anniversary it will definitely be a popular model.

The watch case is made from stainless steel instead of super titanium but this doesn’t mean that watch lacks in quality. The stainless steel has been IP coated in black to keep the dark theme and the hands are luminous so you can see them even in low light conditions.

The watches glass is made from mineral crystal which is the most commonly used watch glass, it maintains a nice look to the watch whilst also being resistant to scratches. The diameter of the watch is 33mm and the thickness is only 9.98mm which is perfect for a ladies wrist. The movement inside the watch is a Cal W410 which can keep an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month with out time reception.

The Bluetooth functionality allows you to Call, E-mail, and even send / receive SNS notifications. The watch also features an alarm, phone search function, time sync, light level indicator, perpetual calendar and is water resistant to 50 metres.

citizen 100 years anniversary AV0077-82EThe Citizen Promaster AV0077-82E has taken the Promaster design and redesigned it to give wearers a new take on the possibilities of a timepiece. The main thing you notice with this model is the crown and pusher buttons are on the top of the watch at the 11, 12 and 12 o’clock positions.

The new design is taking the internet by storm and all watch pages, blogs and forums are talking about this model, unfortunately this model is not released until Autumn 2018 either however we do have the spec sheet so can inform you as to the features and sizes to give you the best vision of the watch before its release.

The black colour of the watches dial, bezel and bracelet really enhances the Promasters already sharp shape drawing you into the watches carefully designed dial. Like the other models so far this is also limited edition however there will be more of this model set at a quantity of 3000 so you will have more of a chance of getting one of these!

The watches case is made from stainless steel and the glass is a sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating to reduce glare. The diameter of the case is 44.5mm and the thickness is 14.95mm which is a normal size for the Promaster, its fantastic that they managed to get this redesigned dial and pushers yet still managed to keep the same dimensions of the watch.

The movement is a Cal B612 which has an accuracy of ±15 second per month, the watch will run for approximately 7 months on full power reserve. Other features of the watch include second hand stop function, quick date correction, 24 hour display, chronograph which can measure up to 1/5 seconds measurement up to a limit of 60 minutes, power level indicator, alarm, overcharge protection and luminous hands and markers. Interestingly the bezel at the 12 o’clock position on this model is also luminous.

The watch is water resistant to 200 metres so is expected to be popular amongst divers who like a darker style design to their timepieces.

citizen 100 years anniversary CA0716-19ECitizen have also released another Promaster to their 100th anniversary collection with a black silicone rubber strap. This model is called the CA0716-19E and is a new take on the traditional silicone Promaster that Citizen already sell. The graceful colour combination of the gold and black in the dial, bezel and case create a bold yet stylish look for the timepiece and the silicone strap keeps it lightweight and sporty.

This model is also limited edition however there is 3000 being manufactured so it is going to be more readily available just like the AV0077-82E. The watches case is made from stainless steel and the strap from polyurethane, the watches glass is a mineral crystal for scratch resistance, the watches diameter is 44.5mm and the thickness is 13.75mm.

The watch movement is a Cal B612 which has an accuracy of ±15 seconds and it can run using the eco drive technology for 7 months from a full charge. Other features of the watch include second hand stop function, quick date correction, 24 hour display, chronograph which can measure 1/5 second for sixty minutes, alarm, power level indicator and over charge protection.

The watch is also water resistant to 200 metres and the hands, indices and bezel at 12 o’clock are coated with luminous paint to make the time fully visible in low light conditions.


citizen 100 years anniversary EC1144-26E

The new Citizen xC EC1144-26E is a sophisticated ladies’ timepiece that combines black, gold and a sparkle of sakura pink on the dial. The diamond on the dial is representative of a shimmer in the darkness of night. This new ladies model is limited to 2000 worldwide and is made from super titanium.

The genuine leather strap is a crocodile style strap dyed black to match the dial and the rest of the collection. The watches glass is a premium sapphire crystal with AR coating (anti reflective coating) to help reduce glare from artificial or natural light.

The dial on this watch is stunning, the solid black background sets the nights sky and the crystal and dot patterns light the nights sky, along with a date display and roman numerals. The case is 27.8mm wide and 7.67mm thick which is a perfect size for a ladies wrist making it not too large but the right size to be read easily at a glance.

Cal. H246 which has an impressive accuracy of ±15 seconds per month without any signal reception. The watch itself can run entirely off the Eco-drive technology for up to 7 months from full charge and an even more outstanding 3 years when using the power save function.

Other features of this watch include automatic time correction, power reserve indicator, Perpetual calendar and even an alarm that sounds when your watch battery is low. The watch can receive its signal reception from stations in EU, US, China and Japan and if that’s not impressive enough it also has options to allow auto selection of radio stations, Regular signal reception, Mandatory signal reception and impact detection.  You never need to worry about over charging your watch either as it has an overcharge protection feature too.

If you’re looking for a watch that is sophisticated and eye catching then this is the one, it can display the time is 24 cities from around the world and is easily readable in poor or low lighting conditions thank s to the luminous paint which covers the hands. The watch is also water resistant to 50 metres.

citizen 100 years anniversary EM0659-17E

The Citizen L has not been missed out of the 100th anniversary, the EM0659-17E is a blackened take on the new Citizen L that we have seen recently with the diamond set in the arch of the bezel. The EM0659-17E is a perfect accessory for your girls night out or evening date, the combination of the black and gold is luxurious and the diamond adds that little bit of sparkle to finish off your outfits look.

The watch is limited to 1500 models worldwide and each model is made from stainless steel. The strap is made from genuine leather that has been dyed black, the watches glass is sapphire crystal which is the most premium glass you are able to get on a watch. The dial is black and features a diamond set at the twelve o’clock position, the case diameter is 32.15mm and the case thickness is 7.93mm.

The watches movement is a Cal E031 which has an accuracy of  ±15 seconds per month and the Eco Drive technology allows the watch to be worn for 6 months and operate with out needing to be charged. The watch is also water resistant to 50 metres so you can wear it swimming and showering however we wouldn’t recommend it just in case it damaged the strap.



citizen 100 years anniversary CA0457-82EThe CA0457-82E is a classic chronograph model that has had an upgrade. The bright gold against the dark black enhances this watches dial and really draws your eye in. This is a much more traditional model for Citizen that many of you will have seen before but not in this impressive colour combination.

This model is the one with the most units being manufactured with 3000 in total being produced and going out to retailers around the world. The case is made from a strong 316L stainless steel and the dial is protected by mineral crystal glass. The watches dial is 40mm in diameter and 10.88mm thickness, inside the case is a Cal B612 movement which has an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month.

The watch has a maximum running time of seven months and also has a lot of other useful features including; second hand stop function, quick date correction, 24 hour display, chronograph, low power alarm, overcharge protector and luminous hands and markers.

The watch is water resistant to 100 metres so can be used when swimming or in the shower. The golden hands on this model really stand out from the dial allowing the watch to be easily read in a number of different situations with varying light. IF you’re looking for a robust and unique timepiece then this would definitely be a model to keep an eye on. It is being released in autumn 2018 and we should be stockist it around this date too.

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