All I Want For Christmas Is…

casio baby-g thumnbail

… A Casio Baby-G.

BABY-G are moving on to the next big celebration for them which is of course the festive season. They have managed to collaborate with two of the BABY-G’s original pretty tough girls which just so happen to be two of the biggest UK female talents in the fashion world at the moment. They are none other than Phoebe Lettice and Kylie Griffiths.

Phoebe Lettice is a photographer and creative director and she has taken a few festive snaps that Casio wanted us to share with you all in the spirit of Christmas giving.

casio baby-g ambassadors casio baby-g ambassadors

The images that these two creative girls created are to showcase the heritage of the iconic 90’s watches that the brand produced whilst also integrating some of Phoebe’s playful creativity.  You might remember Phoebe Lettice from Made in Chelsea where she made a scene-stealing queen performance. Ever since her TV debut she has been a firm fixture on the fashion circuit, she partners with celebrity stylist Kylie Griffiths who is also Fashion Editor for Vice Magazine to create an unstoppable all female powerhouse duo behind this photo shoot.

BABY-G have always stood for celebrating young, creative, successful and trailblazing females in any way possible and this photo shoot definitely embodies this. This photo shoot was actually part of their AW15 range so unfortunately it will probably be a little hard to get some of the old watches however there a so many more, like literally so many its amazing. You can scroll and scroll and range is brilliant, I must’ve added about 4 or 5 to my basket for my Girlfriend for Christmas as I just couldn’t decide which was best.

“Collaborating with BABY-G on a festive themed shoot was the perfect way for me to bring to life a Pretty Tough Girl Christmas. I did this by conjuring up lots of nostalgic memories of when I first got my BABY-G at age 10 and mixing it with my vision for the brand now”. – Phoebe Lettice

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