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Watch brand Smart Turnout is full of rich heritage that immerses customers and watch enthusiasts throughout the UK and internationally. Let us tell you about the watch brand that everyone is talking about which first started producing NATO straps and watches back in 2005.

It all started back when Philip Turner was 28 years old and had just served a decade in the Scots Guards, Philip was given the opportunity to ride in the Grand Military,  an annual horse race that spans thirty fences hosted at the world renowned Sandown Racecourse in South-West London. Philip’s odds were not high and estimated to be 100-1 but he wasn’t about to let this stop him from trying his best. He was absolutely determined to make a lasting impression and decided to personally design his own racing colours especially for the event.

Little did Philip know at the time how much of an impact this was about to have on the rest of his life. After the race all people could talk about were his racing colours and the design and he soon found himself inundated with requests and proposals for producing and manufacturing Scots Guards regimental jumpers for many of his serving friends. Philip left the army and looked around at his plans for the future. He saw an opportunity to expand his already successful enterprise into something bigger. It grew from a start up within a tiny room inside a shared flat to a global brand that aims to take you places.

Ever since the company was established back in March, 1999, Smart Turnout’s product range has extended from jumpers, ties and socks to cuff links and finally, watches and watchstraps.

I spoke to the founder of Smart Turnout, Philip Turner who has put the substantial growth of the business down to word of mouth and also by the consistent demand of loyal customers. The brand currently stocks over 100 watches which are customisable with Nato or leather straps depending on your personal preference and style. They are currently stocked in over 15 stores throughout the UK  with their own mono brand store which opened in Piccadilly in November 2012. Philip said that the brand uses its in-house marketing and social media team to represent the brand online and throughout social media, this helps to grown the brand awareness and boost sales.

Smart Turnout watches has watch distributors based in the UK, USA, Japan, Norway and Kuwait where most recently they have opened a mono brand store in 89 Mall.

Smart Turnout is in fact a regimental term, meaning ‘to look your absolute best, and have a stylish appearance about one’s self’. The logo, on the other hand, is a family crest – a Lion Passant – which has been passed down through my family over generations – combining to reflect the quintessentially British nature of Smart Turnout, wherein wherever possible we try to manufacture in the UK.

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