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Luxury Wristwatches of the Premier League

The Premier League season is coming to a close this weekend and what a season it has been. Whether you’re a Chelsea fan celebrating another title win or a Sunderland fan dreading life back in the second tier, it’s clear that this was a very exciting season indeed. But with only one round of fixtures still to go, Premier League fans will be dreading a whole summer without football!

So before this season is all over and done with, let’s take the time to look at the amazing luxury wristwatches of the Premier League.

The Official Timekeepers – TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer are one of the world’s favourite luxury sports watch brands. They became the Premier League’s official timekeepers in 2016 – but the brand were popular with footballers a long time beforehand! The official TAG Cristiano Ronaldo watch was announced at Baselworld 2015 and many footballers own TAG Heuer watches.

But that is off the field, on the field TAG Heuer also provide the wristwatches of the Premier League. Premier League referees each have their own TAG Heuer Connected watch produced by in conjunction with the Android Wear platform. Substitute boards are even shaped like a TAG Heuer Carrera watch and feature the name of the brand. There’s no doubt that TAG Heuer are one of the premier names in luxury sports watches and they fit the ethos of the Premier League perfectly.

The Manchester United Watch

Manchester United hold the record for the number of Premier League titles and were also the first Premier League winners back in 1992. If there is any club which comes to mind when you think of the Premier League it has to be Manchester United. One of the official watches of the club is produced by Bulova – another brand who are linked with greatness!

The Bulova Manchester United watch must be considered one of the great wristwatches of the Premier League. The watch pays tribute to Manchester United with little markers on the face. The watch also uses a deep red colour for the number 7 which pays tributes to Manchester United’s great number 7’s like David Beckham and Eric Cantona.

The Wristwatches of the Premier League Winners!

Chelsea have had a variety of different watch manufacturers take the role of their official timekeeper over the years. That distinction is currently taken by luxury watch brand Hublot, but they have also worked with other great watchmakers to produce official Chelsea FC watches.

Historic watchmakers Rotary produced the Chelsea FC Pilot Watch back in 2014. This watch featured the distinct style of Rotary and included chronograph and slide rule functions. This was only one of a wide range of Chelsea FC watches produced by Rotary during their partnership with the club.

The Wristwatches of the Managers and Players

The Wristwatches of Premier League managers are incredibly varied, the most expensive one worn on a matchday this season cost £45,000 while the cheapest only cost £40! Sean Dyche of Burnley took the honours with the most expensive watch being a Patek Phillipe 3990/1A watch. It seems very clear that Dyche takes his fashion sense as seriously as he does his team selections!

On the other end of the spectrum, Bob Bradley (who was sacked by Swansea earlier in the season) wore the cheapest matchday watch this season. Bradley donned the Timex Ironman 100 Classic which only cost a measly £40. Other managers donned the Apple Watch (Eddie Howe, Bournemouth AFC), the Rolex Daytona (Aitor Karanka, formerly Middlesbrough FC) and the Hulot Big Bang (Jose Mourinho, Manchester United FC).

We have covered some of the top wristwatches of football superstars in the past and footballers do often have great taste in watches! While Hublot, Zenith and Patek Phillipe watches often appear on the wrists of the top players. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a man with a great taste for fine fashion and his choice in watches appears to be fixed on the best that Rolex has to offer. So if you want to follow in the footsteps by buying the watches of the Premier League players then you better start saving, it won’t be cheap!

Images: thetelf, Светлана Бекетова, John Dobson, Ronnie Macdonald

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