The Ironic Bulova and Manchester United Connection

Bulova and Manchester United have worked together to produce the new Manchester United watch. The watch links together one of the biggest Football clubs in the world with the producers of some of the world’s most accurate timepieces. However the deal is more than a little ironic, as you will soon find out!

Manchester United’s Official Timekeeping Partner

The Bulova Accutron
The Bulova Accutron

Bulova are Manchester United’s official timekeeping partner – and what a timekeeping partner to have. Bulova have a great history and have been at the cutting edge of horological technology over the last 140 years. The Bulova Accutron range used a tuning fork to regulate time and gained them the reputation as producers of the most accurate watches on the market.

They continued to build on that reputation over the years and the current Bulova Precisionist range is an incredibly accurate range of watches. The sweeping motion of this range is a sight to behold and really adds to the watches in the range. The technology inside the watch helps resolve one of the biggest issues with watch accuracy, temperature change and vibration frequency.

The accuracy of these watches made the Bulova and Manchester United connection a very attractive one.

The Bulova and Manchester United Watch

Number 7 - David Beckham when he was captain of England.
Number 7 – David Beckham when he was captain of England.

Bulova have produced a Manchester United watch which really pays homage to the long history of the club.

The watch features the Manchester United badge on one of the 3 subdials and the iconic Red Devil on the crown. The number 7 is coloured red in order to pay homage to club legends like George Best and David Beckham. The watch also includes nods to the clubs links to the Lancashire and Yorkshire railways and their 20 league titles.

It was launched on the Manchester United website at a price of £350. Bulova and Manchester United said: “The beautifully-crafted timepiece pays homage to the club’s history by including nine separate commemorative design features.”

Richard Arnold, Manchester United’s managing director, said: “We are delighted Bulova have commemorated some of United’s most important moments within this specially-designed watch.”

Perhaps some the club staff should have been wearing the watch when they were counting down the minutes on transfer deadline day.

The Irony of the Manchester United Watch

David De Gea will be wishing United executives had worn Bulova of deadling day!
David De Gea will be wishing United executives had worn Bulova on deadline day!

With all of the timekeeping expertise available to Manchester United via Bulova, you would have expected that filing paperwork on time would never be a problem. Unfortunately on this transfer deadline day it was a very big problem for Manchester United.

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea was hoping to complete a move to Real Madrid. All of the details had been finalised and David De Gea was all set to move. All that needed to happen was for the paperwork to be filed.

Unfortunately for the United number 1, the time ticked past the Spanish transfer deadline and the paperwork had not been filed. This means David De Gea will need to stay with Manchester United – at least until January.

I’m sure that David De Gea will be suggesting that all of the negotiating team are given new Bulova wristwatches before the next transfer window!

Images: HNH, ger1axg, henrikalexandersen

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