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Meister Singer was created by Manfred Brassler back in 2001, he wanted to create an alternative to wristwatches that showed time as something constantly racing along. a brand consisting of 15 key personnel these are Manfred Brassler (Founder and CEO), John can Steen (Director Sales), Tobias Wemmer (Service, order transactions export), Matthias Gorde (Sales German central and north), Jelka Wiens (Service), Matthias Schenkel (Sales Austria, Germany South, Czechia, Hungary), Nico Rensing (Head of logistics order transactions export), Stefan Loges (Director Marketing and public relations), Daniel Witzke (Marketing Manager), Bianca Johannsen (Order transactions Germany), Meiko Lenz (Order transactions Netherlands, Austria), Jana Kempa (Marketing Manager), Herbert Rachny (Chief financial officer), Christian Czesla (Master watchmaker and head of service), Angelika Broker (Accountancy). These fifteen business professionals make up the westphalian, watch enthusiast and loyale business partners of Meister Singer.

MeisterSinger Building


In 2015 the watch brand manufactured 9500 watches which included 17 wristwatch model lines which had different variants and the brand has won 16 different design awards for different models. The brand has come along way since and is now sold in 55 countries worldwide, these are: Albania, Angola, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Tajikstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA and Uzbekistan.

Unique in every sense; MeisterSinger – The single-hand watch brand

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The MeisterSinger Name and Logo

The MesiterSingers were civil poets and singers in the 15th and 16th century, who came together like a guild. The centres of the Meistersingers were Augsburg, Nuremberg, Strasbourg and Frankfurt. The story of a singing competition is told in Richard Wagner’s opera “The Meistersingers of Nuremberg”. The person who was best able to reach a new note was crowned as Mesitersinger. Today the name MeisterSinger also stands for a new tone in watch design. With only one hour hand, MeisterSinger watches give you a feeling of deceleration. Even the logo above the name MeisterSinger a fermata, stands for the brands relaxed approach to time. It is the pause symbol in music notation.

MeisterSinger Heritage

MeisterSinger are deeply rooted in timekeeping. They combine ancient principles with state-of-the-art design to manufacture beautiful timepieces. The first instruments of timekeeping were sundials, these used only one hand and were the first single hand watch ever. Until the middle of the 18th century a single pointer was enough to show the hour on mechanical watches and this is still present even today as there are tower clocks with only one hand in many places around the globe. The most famous of these is the Westminster Abbey tower clock in London. Referring back to the idea of measuring time, the design of MesiterSinger is also inspired by measuring instruments such as historical pocket watches and pneumatic air meters.

Unique Design DNA

MeisterSinger have a number of distinctive features that set them apart from other brands, these are;

  1. the needle hand, this iconic needle a distinctive feature of a MeisterSinger watch.
  2. Preceding zeros for single digits, these are rarely used on watch faces to save space and give watches a more simplistic look
  3. A stroke hierarchy of 144 indexes, almost like a measuring tape.
  4. Domed sapphire glass, although this is used in some other brands such as Bulova and Junghans

The 2016 Collection

The 2016 collection comprises of two premium models, there are four watches in ‘The Classics’ collection, The ‘Classic plus’ comprises of eight beautiful watches, the ‘Form and Style’ collection contains three sophisticated models and finally the ‘Editions’ collection only has the one watch currently.


Mesiter Singer Circularis

Circularis Handwound

The Circularis handwound is the first wrist watch in a new generation – uniting a powerful, robust movement with immaculate design. The exeptional circular graining on the bridge (cotes circularires) is also the explanation of the name of the watch.

What is so special about the Circularis Handwound?

The 14 and a half line manual wind MSH01 combines power with elegance in a quintessential manner:

Two mainspring barrels supply the movement with sufficient energy to form a 5 day power reserve. The in-series design means power is delivered to the movement far more evenly than a single spring would be capable of, ensuring great precision. The meticulous attention to details is also shown in the finishing: to elaborate circular engraving, the bevelled, highly polished chamfers, and the engraving with gold inlay make the movement a pleasure to behold.

Circularis Automatic

The next luxury-class watch: automatic with tungsten rotor and date display.

What is so special about the Circularis Automatic?

The MSA01 Movement is the new automatic movement and is just as focused and precise as MeisterSinger itself. The gyrating tungsten rotor reliably supplies the dual mainspring barrels with sufficient energy for a 12- hour power reserve. The in-series barrels guarantee both a smooth, regular power transfer and great accuracy.

The Classics

Mesiter Singer Classic


Here, telling the time is still a craft: The genuine class No.01 with handwound movement.


Those who only merely glance at the watch should stop for a closer look under the case back. That way you can take in the pocket watch movement, making its precise rounds.


This emits the same serenity as other single-hand watches. But it needs more exercise. Finally, its Swiss automatic movement reloads all by itself.

The Classic Plus

Mesiter Singer Classic Plus


With its simple elegance, the Pangaea fits any occasion. And, thanks to its flat case, it tucks inside every shirt sleeve. Pangaea is the name give to the super continent when all continental plates were joined. The origin continent- the origin in watchmaking.

Panagaea Day Date

With its day and date ring open under the glass, this watch is the alternative to calendars crowded with dates.


A watch to celebrate the day. Which is displayed on the open date ring. The name “Peri” is borrowed from the Greek prefix and means “Around Something”.


German style and Swiss craftsmenship have created the first single-hand watch that features a second time zone. Adhaesion describes the power of two substances clinging together, With the Adhaesio you are always connected with home.

Salthora Meta

Powerful and precise: the technology and the look of thi unique timekeeping concept are dedicated to the same compelling idea. The name is a composition of two words: Salto is the Italian word for “jump” and hora is the latin word for “hour”.

Salthora Meta Transparent

Jumping hour live: here you can watch the Salthora Meta at work as it demonstrates a small mechanical feat every 60 minutes.

What is so special about the Salthora?

The module for the “jumping hour” ensures a precise hour circuit: The scre pressed onto the central wheel (not visible here below the module plate) raises the actuating lever, which in turn tighten the swan neck spring. After tightening has built up over 60 minutes, the actuating lever is triggered by the screw and strikes the hour star using the energy of the swan neck spring – the hour disc jumps forward in the display by one number.


Every 60 minutes, it gives out a “click”. The hour indicator at 12 o’clock then advances to the next hour.


Start, stop and reset, joined in harmony. Made possible by the newly developed chronograph movement with one pusher, which revives the watchmaking of the 19th century. The meaning of Paleo is “primeval / origin”. And with Paleograph we are going back to the beginning of chronograph making.

What is so special about the Paleograph ?

The column-wheel mechanism combines start, stop and reset in one pusher: To start, the rocker connects with the chrono mechanism, and the blocking lever releases the chronograph centre wheel. To stop, the chrono mechanism is separated and the blocking level blocks the chronoraph center shwl. To reset, the chrono mechanism remains separated. The chronograph center wheel is released, the hammer engages the hack-mechanism wheel and the minute recording runner in the zero position.


The separation of the important from unimportant things is the basis for a self-determined perception of time.The singulator does just that: it consistently separates hours, minutes and seconds. The name singulator is a composition of”single! and “regulator”.

What is so special about the Singulator?

A rerouted minute cannot normally run as precisely as a minute wheel located centrally, directly in the flux of the gear chain. For a normal gear with its unavoidable backlash in the gear teeth would create a distortion of the hand mechanism of up to 5 minutes. MeisterSinger found a solution to the problem of the bakclash by developing a completely new spring wheel, produced with the innovative LIGA process. Its teeth are each comprised of two springs that fit precisely into the gaps between the gear teeth of the adjacent wheels.. The result is the backlash free interlocking and therefore rerouting without any loss of precision.

Form and Style

MeisterSinger Form and Style


This is MeisterSingers smallest watch – It is perfect for those big movements, the watches striking case forms a new backdrop for the typical MeisterSinger style. The name of the watch is derived from an ancient Greek word “Phaneros” which means “visible” – It refers to the remarkable design of the new model, despite its small size. The watch Phanero is visible and well worth seeing.


Enjoy the sense of an era and the classic design of the 1950’s. But let the date display bring you back to there present day. The name comes from ancient Greek neos, “new”, “fresh”.

Neo Q

Fresh colours, elegant digits. Together with the flat case and the date display, a multifaceted companion. The “Q” is the name stands for Quartz.

“it is not the minutes and seconds that are precious – it is time.” – The Brand Essence


Author: Aaron Davis

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