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Elliot Brown 2017 Spring Releases

Kimmeridge Elliot Brown

Kimmeridge Elliot Brown

Kimmeridge Elliot Brown Kimmeridge model 405-005-B51 launching early June

Kimmeridge looks very much like a more elegant Canford right? In Elliots Browns typically obsessive manner, can you guess how many versions of the dial design they produced before the brand reached ‘the one’ where they all knew that they had finally cracked it? 6, 17, 24, 38, 50? *Scroll to the bottom for the answer

Arriving in 9 styles with soft leathers, solid link and Milanese bracelets (shown here), the collection is shock and waterproof just like our other models but wrapped inside an elegantly styled 38mm case.

Bloxworth Elliot Brown

Elliot Brown can’t wait to show you the full collection

Bloxworth Elliot Brown

A new kind of Bloxworth

One of 5 new models, this one marks a lovely departure from the cool colour palete of the existing Bloxworth collection. The brushed bezel on this 929-014-L18 gives the watch a classic feel and is set off beautifully with soft waxed leather and classic ‘panda’ dial.
Canford Elliot Brown

Sporting elegance and secret agents

The Canford has become a signature model – it’s our watch equivalent of an MI5 agent: suave and tough on the outside, intelligent on the inside. It’s a quality appreciated by Mountain Rescue teams up and down the country and by crews in the Clipper Round the World Race. It also caught the attention of Henri Llloyd who selected it for their flagship stores as the first non Henri Lloyd branded product they have retailed. This new model highlights all that’s good about the Canford with polished highlights, a sporting red seconds hand and new grey wide tongue rubber strap. Just one of the new models arriving soon.

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