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Seiko Surprised Fans with Two Exciting Launches

Seiko Surprised Fans with Two Exciting Launches

Yesterday, Seiko surprised fans with two exciting launches. With six brand new timepieces announced all in one day, there was something to please every Seiko watch enthusiast. The brand extended its famous Astron family with four new Crystal Box models and celebrated the 55th anniversary of the Seiko 5 Sport watches with two limited edition Peanuts timepieces. If you are a big fan of Seiko, keep reading to learn more about these brand-new launches.

New Seiko Astron GPS Solar Crystal Box Watches

Seiko Surprised Fans with Two Exciting Launches

The Astron was the world’s first GPS solar watch. It is powered by light and automatically adjusts to a timezone using the latest GPS technology. The watches are favoured as they claim to never need a battery change. These all-new timepieces are powered by a 3X62 solar-powered in-house built movement with GPS functionality.

In a first for the Astron collection, these new watches are designed with a polygonal shaped bezel which gives a strong and dynamic appearance to express the brand’s new levels of innovation. The four timepieces are named ‘Crystal Box’ for the pressed dial pattern. This design is inspired by the legacy of the original Seiko Astron and its status as the first-ever quartz-powered watch in the world. The name also refers to the box-shaped crystal found on many Seiko timepieces. These watches are built with scratch-resistant raised glass that sits proudly from the beel to create modern legibility and a vintage geometric feel.

Seiko Surprised Fans with Two Exciting Launches

This exciting launch consists of one bold design in four eye-catching colourways. One of the four designs is a limited edition. This design is simply named ‘Titanium’ (SSJ017J1) and is limited to just 1500 pieces. With a simple silver dial and matching titanium case and bracelet, this model is very classic. The ‘Sapphire Blue’ (SSJ013J1) edition of the watch exhibits a blue dial that is framed by a titanium case and bracelet. For those rose gold lovers, the ‘Rose Gold’ edition (SSJ014J1) features a grey dial with a striking rose gold-tone bezel. This model is secured using a titanium bracelet. Perhaps the most striking design in this launch is the ‘Jet Black’ model (SSJ015J1). This watch is designed entirely in black with a black dial and a black titanium case and bracelet.

Brand New Seiko 5 Sports X Peanuts Limited Edition Watches

Seiko Surprised Fans with Two Exciting Launches

The Seiko 5 Sports collection is famous for over 50 years of reliability, durability, performance and value. The collection is named for its 5 key features present in every timepiece: automatic movement, day date display, water resistance, recessed crown and a durable case and bracelet. This exciting collaboration consists of two limited-edition designs. These brand-new timepieces have been released to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Seiko 5 Sports watches. Each of the new timepieces is limited to 1500 pieces, making them very collectable items.

Peanuts first began in 1950 as a newspaper comic strip. Over the years, the brand has flourished and gained huge popularity. The characters have become internationally famous and feature on accessories all over the world. The new timepieces are designed with original Peanuts illustrations on the dial and case back. The specific drawings used were selected from editions of the comic from 1963 to coincide with the year of the launch of the Seiko 5 Sports brand. The watches also feature the unique ‘Schulz’ font that was created by Charles M. Schulz for the Peanuts comic.

The first model in this launch is the ‘Surfboard’ (SRPK25K1). This watch features a surfboard theme on a white dial. It is secured using a grey-striped nylon strap. The second model is the ‘Parachute’ (SRPK27K1). This timepiece exhibits a parachute theme on a white dial. It is finished with a classic black leather strap.

What are your thoughts on this exciting set of launches from Seiko? Which of the new models has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments below!

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