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Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ Launch

Seiko 5 Sports 'Stealth' Launch

The recent Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ launch has been very exciting for fans of the brand. The Seiko 5 watches are known for 50 years of reliability, durability, performance and value. This makes them a fantastic investment and a great choice for watch newcomers and collectors alike. The new models have a distinctive all-black colour palette that gives them a very striking appearance on the wrist. This monochrome colour scheme also ensures the watches are very versatile and can be paired with any look for everyday wear. If you are interested in the Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ launch, keep reading for more information about these elegant timepieces.

The Watches

Seiko 5 Sports 'Stealth' Launch

There are two new timepieces in this launch. However, only one is widely available in the UK. The watches are nicknamed the ‘stealth’ models by Seiko fans due to their dark colour palette. This monochromatic look is inspired by the classic 1960s Seiko 5 designs. These vintage designs are accentuated by modern materials to enhance the depth of the dial. The watches were created with an ‘in the field’ military design which took inspiration from ‘trench watches’. These timepieces were built to be robust and reliable in even the toughest conditions. This remains a goal for Seiko to this day, and every Seiko 5 Sports watch is instilled with these qualities.

Seiko 5 Sports 'Stealth' Launch

Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ Stainless Steel Bracelet SRPJ09K1

This element of the Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ launch is equipped with a calibre 4R36 automatic movement. This movement provides the watch with up to 41 hours of power reserve, ensuring it remains precise and reliable. The watch has a “hacking” second hand which will stop when the crown is pulled out. This means that the watch is easy to synchronise with a time reference. This model exhibits a striking gold dial that is decorated with black hour markers and black hands. These dark features mean that the monochrome dial does not feature any distractions, allowing it to retain its clean look. The dial also features a day and date display, keeping the wearer running perfectly on time. The dial is protected by Hardlex glass.

The dark dial is framed by a black plated stainless steel case. This gives the watch a cohesive look by continuing the black colour scheme. This case measures 39.4mm in diameter ensuring that the watch is easy to read but remains comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This model is completed with a black plated stainless steel bracelet that gives this vintage-inspired timepiece a distinctly modern edge. Additionally, the watch is water-resistant up to 10 bar, making it a practical and stylish choice for daily wear.

What are your thoughts on the Seiko 5 Sports ‘Stealth’ launch? Would you consider adding this model to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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