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Beaded Jewellery for Summer 2022

Beaded Jewellery for Summer 2022

Beaded accessories are set to be one of the biggest trends of the season. The trend has been spotted on countless celebrities and adopted by many of the big fashion houses. We have put together a list of some of the best beaded jewellery for Summer 2022 to help you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Beaded jewellery is a playful and colourful addition to any look to create a bright and fresh summer style. This vibrant trend is perfect for the summer months as the warmer months are the perfect time of year to experiment with style. If you are interested in this huge trend, keep reading for the best beaded jewellery for Summer 2022.

Best Beaded Jewellery for Summer 2022

Beaded Jewellery for Summer 2022

ChloBo Peach Moonstone Gold Tone Sparkle Cube Bracelet GBPMCFR

ChloBo is the perfect brand for beaded jewellery as it takes inspiration from the enchanting culture of Bali. The laidback lifestyle and enchanting craftsmanship of this country give ChloBo jewellery a versatile and beautifully unique style. This bracelet is made from gold plated sterling silver with peach-toned moonstone beads. A row of the peach moonstone beads are set at the centre of the bracelet amongst gold plated beads. The combination of the warm gold and pretty pink tones creates an eye-catching piece that will stand out on the wrist. This bracelet will look very chic when worn alone, but will also work perfectly as part of a bracelet stack. Bracelet stacks are a true summer style for an on-trend nostalgic aesthetic.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club Blue Bead and Freshwater Pearl Necklace KE2162-775-7-L45V

This Thomas Sabo necklace is comprised of blue beads alongside freshwater pearls for a modern take on a classic pearl necklace. This necklace used imitation turquoise alongside freshwater pearls for a beautiful fresh design. The beads vary in size and shape, giving the necklace the almost handmade look that is so in style. The varied tones of the beads will allow this necklace to be paired with a huge range of other pieces to create a totally unique style. Thomas Sabo have perfectly captured the nostalgic 90s style that so many people are currently emulating in this vibrant necklace. The ocean-inspired shades of blue make this the quintessential summer accessory.

Beaded Jewellery for Summer 2022

Elements Silver White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet 19-21cm B4681W

Pearls never go out of style. A string of pearls has been a must-have accessory in every collection for decades, and their flawless beauty has allowed them to remain in style for decades. In ancient times, pearls were considered to be the ultimate status symbol and there is still a fair amount of reverence around the gemstone to this day. Pearls have had a huge surge in popularity in recent months and have been seen on many catwalks and fashion influencers. The natural beauty of this gemstone makes this pearl bracelet a beautiful and classic accessory. As pearls come from the sea, they are often associated with time spent at the beach. This makes them a beautiful summer accessory.

ChloBo Sun Lover Rose Quartz Ring (Medium) SR2RQ1199

Beaded rings are perhaps one of the more unusual beaded accessories. However, they will make a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection this summer. This ring is made using sterling silver and rose quartz beands. The beads are alternated around the ring for an eye-catching effect. A sterling silver heart charm hangs from the centre of the ring to create beautiful movement everytime the wearer uses their hands. Rose quartz is closely associated with calmness, compassion and love. This makes the ring a beautiful gift for a loved one or a crystal lover. Crystals have been a big trend in recent years with many people turning to them for their spiritual properties. This ring and its unusual design will quickly become a well loved item in anyone’s collection.

Beaded Jewellery for Summer 2022

Thomas Sabo Pearl Drop Sterling Silver Single Earring H2221-167-14

This single earring is made from sterling silver. This metal gives the earring a high quality and luxurious feel making it a great piece to treat yourself to before the summer months. The earring is a dangling stud style. A fine gold chain hangs from the push back and post fastening. This chain is set with three freshwater pearls. This gemstone gives the earring a very on-trend, yet incredibly classic, look. A sparkling cubic zirconia gemstone is set above the bottom pearl to add an extra touch of brilliant sparkle. Asymmetrical earrings have been on-trend for some time and are showing no signs of going out of style, so this is a great accessory for the summer time and months to come.

What did you think of our beaded jewellery for Summer 2022? Are you planning on adding any beaded jewellery to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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