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Brand New Seiko ‘Antarctic Ice’ Re-Issue Watch

Brand New Seiko 'Antarctic Ice' Re-Issue Watch

Seiko has just launched the brand new Seiko ‘Antarctic Ice’ Re-Issue watch. This is an exciting addition to the iconic Prospex collection. This new timepiece is limited to just 1300 pieces worldwide, making this watch an incredibly desirable and collectable model for any collection. This model is a re-issue of one of Seiko’s original watches. The brand released its first diver’s watch in 1965. This timepiece was water-resistant up to 150 metres and was powered by an automatic movement. This original model was worn by members of the eighth Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1966. Seiko continued to develop this watch and by 1968 the watch was water-resistant up to 300 metres and was powered by a 10-beat automatic movement.

Brand New Seiko 'Antarctic Ice' Re-Issue Watch

The brand new Seiko ‘Antarctic Ice’ Re-Issue watch is a limited edition re-issue of the original 1968 model. It has been precisely designed to be able to withstand the most extreme conditions on Earth. The watch will be worn by members of the 63rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition’s mission to Antarctica. Additionally, the new watch is part of Seiko’s Save the Ocean collection. The brand uses profits from the watches in this collection to support several different marine conservation initiatives. This includes the National Institute of Polar Research that is based in Japan.

Brand New Seiko 'Antarctic Ice' Re-Issue Watch

The Case and Movement

The most unique features of this new limited edition timepiece are found in the design of the case. The case, bezel and crown of this watch are all made from Seiko’s Ever-Brilliant Steel. This metal is more corrosion resistant than any steel that is used in standard watchmaking. This makes the timepiece even more suitable for the adverse conditions it is designed for. This type of steel is the kind that tends to be used in marine structures, proving its durability and resilience. Additionally, Seiko has made the decision to not have the crown as part of the case. To increase the durability of the watch, the crown is locked into a separate component that is built into the case. This new watch features a dar blue bezel that is adorned with ice blue markers, evoking the unique nature of the frozen Antarctic landscape.

Brand New Seiko 'Antarctic Ice' Re-Issue Watch

This sturdy case creates the perfect housing for the precise and reliable automatic movement that powers the watch. This movement is of the calibre 8L35 and provides the watch with up to 50 hours of power reserve. This movement was designed especially to be used on diver’s watches, giving it a level of rigidity and accuracy that will ensure high levels of performance in the most demanding environments.

The Dial

The watch exhibits a patterned dial. This dial captures the beauty of the Antarctic landscape with its subtle colour gradient from dark to light blue. This colour palette is reminiscent of sunlight reflecting off of the icy Antarctic landscape. The hands and indices are all treated with Lumibrite to ensure that the dial can be read even in the dark, making this watch a very valuable accessory for challenging expeditions. The dial is protected by a dual-curved sapphire crystal. This crystal has an anti-reflective coating so that the details of the dial can be seen under bright sunlight.

The Finishing Touches

Brand New Seiko 'Antarctic Ice' Re-Issue Watch

This limited-edition timepiece comes with two straps, providing the watch with versatility so that it can be worn for all occasions. The design and texture of the blue silicone strap pay homage to the original 1968 model. However, Seiko has adapted the design and made it from silicone to provide the strap with strength and make it more comfortable to wear. The second strap is created using a traditional Japanese braiding technique called Seichu. The material that is used in this strap is strong and resistant to sunlight, making it perfect for Antarctic expeditions. Additionally, the brand new Seiko ‘Antarctic Ice’ re-issue watch is water-resistant up to 200 metres so that the watch can be worn for almost all water-based activities.

If you are interested in the Seiko Limited Edition ‘Antarctic Ice’ Re-Issue Watch (SLA055J1), click here to browse it on our website.

What do you think of the brand new Seiko ‘Antarctic Ice’ re-issue watch? Would you consider adding one to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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