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All-New Swatch Go Clear Watches

All-New Swatch Go Clear Watches

The all-new Swatch Go Clear watches have launched the Swatch brand straight into the new year. The concept behind the new models is to reset as we enter 2022 for a fresh start. Swatch is encouraging its fans to start fresh by cleaning out the old and bringing in the new. The watches are all front to back transparent. Each one puts a twist on a classic Swatch model. The transparent design of each of the new watches encourages the wearer to focus on their own unique sense of style and to incorporate the watch into their pre-existing fashions. The all-new Swatch Go Clear watches are all about elegant simplicity for daily styling.

Swatch has launched the Go Clear range in five of its most iconic designs. The new collection includes the Gent, New Gent, Bold, Skin and Pay. This incredible variety ensures that there is a perfect Go Clear model for every watch collector and fan of the brand.

All-New Swatch Go Clear Watches

Clearly Gent (SO28K100)

The new Swatch Clear Gent captures the simplicity of time. The dial exposes the silver-coloured movement within, allowing the wearer to enjoy the quartz movement that the brand is famous for. This dial is detailed with black Arabic indices and a red hour hand, blue minute hand and yellow second hand. The dial is framed by a transparent case that is made of bio-sourced material. This case measures 34mm in diameter and just 8.75mm in thickness. This size ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist of anyone. The silicone strap is entirely transparent, allowing the unique style of the wearer to shine through.

Clearly New Gent (SO29K100)

The clear design of this New Gent watch takes the model back to its roots. The watch focuses on the basics, ensuring that this timepiece is minimalistic, stylish and functional. Bold, multicoloured hands become the focal point of the simple transparent dial. Small, black baton indices are printed at the outer edge of the dial to make it easy to read the time at a glance. The quartz movement is housed within the transparent case made from bio-sourced material. This watch is secured on the wrist using a transparent silicone strap for a classic and minimal design. Additionally, the watch is splash resistant, making it perfect for day to day wear.

All-New Swatch Go Clear Watches

Clearly Bold (SB01K100)

The Big Bold design is an iconic piece within the Swatch portfolio, so it only makes sense for the brand to use this model within the new Go Clear launch. This watch exhibits simple style in bold proportions. The dial of this watch exposes the quartz movement within for an eye-catching effect. A silver ring is positioned at the outer edge of the dial and is detailed with black baton indices. The dial is also adorned with red, blue and yellow hands. A transparent case made of bio-sourced material frames the dial. This watch is finished with a semi-transparent matte white strap. This model is sure to make a statement on the wrist with a diameter of 47mm.

Clearly Skin (SS08K109)

This model features a transparent dial that exposes the silver and gold tones of the quartz movement that powers the watch. A silver ring marked with black baton indices is set around the edge of the dial and bright hour and minute hands are positioned at the centre. A transparent case made from bio-sourced material frames the dial. The watch is finished with a transparent plastic strap that provides a chic, minimalistic look. This ultra-thin watch measures just 3.9mm in thickness for a comfortable fit. The Clearly Skin model aids the wearer in expressing themselves whilst revealing the beautiful quartz movement of the watch.

What are your thoughts on the all-new Swatch Go Clear watches? Which of these models has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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