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10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

At the start of a new year, many of us search for ways that we can make small changes to our lifestyle to be fitter and healthier. Many people turn to exercise and take on a new workout regimen to try and improve their overall health. A workout watch is a great way to ensure that you stick to exercising routines and are active throughout the day. Workout watches come equipped with various features that can encourage the wearer to be more active, eat more healthily and get a better nights sleep.

A good workout watch needs to be comfortable, easy to style and good at its job to ensure that it is worn regularly. This kind of watch can be found at many price points, spanning basic to luxury. Therefore, prospective customers ought to assess their individual needs and requirements for their workout watch before making a decision. If you are interested in adding a workout watch to your fitness regime, keep reading for our 10 best workout watches for 2022.

Our 10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

Withings Scanwatch 38mm Rose Gold Blue Dial Hybrid Smartwatch With ECG HWA09-MODEL 6-ALL-INT

This Withings model is unique due to its ability to provide ECG readings. It can record medical-grade electrocardiograms and detect signs of atrial fibrillation. The watch was developed alongside cardiologists. Due to an innovative algorithm, it can provide accurate heart readings throughout the day. It also features medical-grade SpO2 sensors to perform blood oxygen readings within 30 seconds. The watch is equipped with workout modes for over 30 sports to encourage the wearer to complete the activity. It can show workout duration and log heart rate and movement.

This watch can be synced with the Health Mate app on a smartphone to keep track of health and fitness analytics. This model exhibits a chic modern design in shades of blue and rose gold. The blue dial combines an analogue time display with a digital screen. This is framed by a rose gold plated stainless steel case. The watch is secured on the wrist using a blue silicone strap. Additionally, this timepiece is water-resistant up to 50 metres (5 bar).

Garmin Instinct Solar GPS Flame Red Rubber Strap 010-02293-20

The bold red colour of this timepiece ensures that it will stand out whatever the occasion. Garmin is well-known for its activity trackers and workout watches. It is a very reputable brand to purchase such a timepiece from. The watch comes with preloaded activity profiles for a wide range of sports including surfing, swimming, running, biking, hiking, rowing and strength. The watch is also equipped with heart rate monitors, stress tracking, pulse ox sensors, a body battery monitor and Tracback routing.

The digital display of this timepiece is framed by a red case that is made from a fibre-reinforced polymer. A vibrant red silicone strap secures this watch on the wrist. This workout watch is capable of some smartwatch functions, making it a great everyday timepiece. It can receive emails, texts and alerts when paired with a compatible device. The watch has a battery life of up to 54 days in smartwatch mode when using solar and up to 38 hours in GPS mode with solar.

10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

Radley Series 03 Activity Tracker Crystal Set Bezel Black Leather Strap RYS03-2058

This workout watch combines style and practicality. The watch is from the fashion brand Radley. The design of the timepiece is inspired by the brand’s roots in British fashion. The watch features a charm in the shape of the iconic Radley Scottie Dog. This timepiece is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems to work alongside the Radley Active app. This watch provides call and message notifications, activity tracking, calorie and sleep tracking and a step counter. The watch also has a ‘find my phone’ feature, remote camera control and weather updates. This combination of activity tracking and standard smartwatch features makes the watch a great choice for someone who is just starting to get into workout watches. This timepiece features a yellow gold case that is set with sparkling crystals. This timepiece is finished with a black leather strap.

Polar | Ignite | Activity and HR Tracker | Black Rubber | S | 90071065

This workout watch has been included in our 10 best workout watches for 2022 as it has integrated GPS. This can be used to track speed, distance, route and altitude. The watch is also equipped with a heart rate monitor that uses Precision Prime sensor fusion technology, a nightly recharge feature, FitSpark and Sleep Plus Stages. The watch supports over 100 different sports and FitSpark provides ready-made daily workouts to match recovery, readiness and training history.

This timepiece will calculate calories burned based on genre, height, weight, age and maximum heart rate. This will ensure the most accurate readings possible. The watch is also capable of smart notifications to keep the wearer in touch with their contacts and calendar. This model exhibits a black case made of glass fibre reinforced polymer which features a stainless steel button and bezel. The watch is finished with a black silicone strap. This model has a battery life of up to 17 hours in training mode and up to 5 days in watch mode.

10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

TicWatch Pro 2020 Shadow Black Smartwatch 139863-WF12106

This TicWatch model uses a variety of sensors to ensure that health and fitness statistics are as accurate as possible. The watch is equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an ambient light sensor, a heart rate monitor and a low latency off-body sensor. Using TicMotion, the watch proactively tracks activity, movement and rest to generate behaviour analysis for each activity. This model also has a built-in Google Assistant and can make NFC payments using Google Pay.

The watch is also equipped with the brand’s technologies TicBreathe and TicSleep. They will help the wearer to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This watch is designed in a chic and simple all-black colour palette. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla glass and surrounded by a case made of polyamide and glass fibre. This workout watch will be comfortable to wear for long periods due to the black high-quality silicone strap that secures it on the wrist.

Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch Blush Silicone FTW6066

This workout watch from Fossil has been designed with a chic and playful pink colour scheme. This makes the timepiece a perfect choice for someone who wants to make a statement with their workout watch. The watch exhibits a mid-century design with a crystal set bezel for a touch of glamour. The display is framed by a rose gold plated stainless steel case and the watch is finished with a pink silicone strap. This workout watch features an AMOLED touchscreen display that can be used to control the various features of this watch.

The watch has Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, a loudspeaker and a microphone. To aid with fitness tracking, the watch has a heart rate sensor, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Sleep tracking will aid with a balanced lifestyle. To provide functionality in day to day life, the watch has contactless payment, notifications and a smart battery mode alongside pre-loaded apps and Google Assistant.

10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

Reflex Active Series 6 Black Stainless Steel Milanese Mesh Bracelet RA06-4050

This workout watch is inspired by smartwatch design rather than with the traditional round shape of analogue watches. The display of this watch is a rounded rectangle shape to ensure that the details and features of the display can be read and interacted with easily. The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android, making it suitable for most people. The touchscreen display is framed by a black plated stainless steel case which matches the black plated stainless steel Milanese mesh bracelet that secures the watch on the wrist. For daily assistance, the watch will display message and call notifications.

This workout watch has various health and sport tracking functions, including a calorie and step counter and a sleep and distance tracker. The combination of these features will encourage the wearer to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. The timepiece is also capable of music controls and weather updates. This model is a great choice for someone who is searching for that classic smartwatch look.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire | Titanium Grey | Titanium Strap and Ember Orange Strap 010-02158-23

Garmin is such an iconic name in the world of workout watches, that it only made sense to include another of its models in our 10 best workout watches of 2022. The Fenix 6 is the brand’s hero model that many activity enthusiasts opt for. The watch can be used to track gym workouts, running, golfing, climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rowing, kayaking, swimming and many more.

The watch uses a wrist-based heart rate and Pulse Ox sensor to add insight into fitness activities and Dynamic PacePro helps the wearer to run smarter over various types of terrain. It can also be synced to streaming services so the wearer has access to their favourite music whilst on the go. This model is especially desirable as both the case and bracelet are crafted using titanium. Titanium is a great material in watchmaking as it is both lightweight and incredibly durable. This model also comes with an ember orange strap to ensure versatility.

10 Best Workout Watches For 2022

Alpina | AlpinerX Alive | Blue Rubber Strap | AL-284LBBW5AQ6

Alpina is a brand that produces watches that are built to be worn outdoors, and the AlpinaX smartwatch models are no exception. This watch supports outdoor enthusiasts and sports players by gathering data on a smartphone using cutting-edge technology. The watch has a traditional analogue display with Arabic indices and blue hour and minute hands but also features a small touch screen. A rotating bezel surrounds the dial and a black glass fibre and stainless steel case frames the dial. The watch is finished with a blue rubber strap. This watch has many functions, including time, date, world timer, chronograph, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, smart alarms, weather, breathing exercises, notifications, workout, hydration, VO2 max, cardio fitness index, GPS tracking and dynamic coach. This timepiece is water-resistant up to 100 metres and has a battery life of around 7 days.

Lotus SmarTime | Women’s | Stainless Steel Mesh + Free Strap L50000/1

This Lotus SmarTime watch is perfectly designed to be a reliable and practical everyday timepiece. The watch features a stainless steel case and a matching stainless steel Milanese mesh bracelet for a chic finish that will be easy to style, no matter the occasion. The watch features a heart rate monitor, a blood pressure monitor and a sleep tracker to help the wearer to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. When in sports mode, the watch can be used to track steps and will record data on sports activities. For everyday functionality, the watch is also equipped with music controls, remote camera controls, and calendar and alarm functions. The entire display of this timepiece is touch-sensitive, making it incredibly easy to use. Additionally, this workout watch has magnetic charging and the battery life can last up to 3 days, depending on use.

What are your thoughts on our 10 best workout watches for 2022? Are you planning on adding a workout watch to your exercise routine this year? Let us know in the comments!

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