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What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing?

What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing?

Celebrities are a huge source of fashion inspiration for so many. This extends to the jewellery they wear on the red carpets and when they are photographed going about their daily lives. Fashion critics and designers are constantly analysing jewellery that has been spotted on celebrities to forecast upcoming trends. The best way to stay ahead of jewellery trends and always be one step ahead is to observe the jewellery that celebrities are wearing and incorporate these styles into your own daily accessorising. We have put together a list of five of the jewellery trends that have been spotted on celebrities to help you to stay ahead of jewellery fashions.

What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing and Some Recommendations

Coloured Enamel

What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing?

Kitsch and colourful jewellery is a massive jewellery trend at the movement. Cute and adorable styles have become popular for daily accessorising. This trend is very easy to incorporate into any wardrobe as different colours can be chosen to match different outfits. Alternatively, the bright hues can be used to intentionally clash colours and designs of an outfit. Colour clashing is also a big trend in fashion at the moment and small pieces of jewellery are a great way to introduce the concept into daily styling if you are unsure of the fashion. Coloured enamel has become a popular choice amongst celebrities due to the vibrant tones and versatility of the material. Coloured enamel jewellery is available at a range of price points to make this trend accessible to a wide range of people.

Thomas Sabo Hummingbird Charm Multicoloured 925 Sterling Silver Cold Enamel 0655-007-7

This dainty charm is made from sterling silver and is intricately detailed with cold enamel. The charm is in the shape of a hummingbird. The hummingbird is detailed using pink, green, yellow and black enamel to give the delicate charm an incredibly life like finish. The charm features a lobster clasp at the top. This clasp means that the charm can be attached to any bracelet or necklace to create an entirely unique and personalised look. Enamel charms are a very easy way to introduce the coloured enamel trend into your jewellery collection in a subtle, delicate and affordable way.


What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing?

Healing crystals have grown in popularity in recent years along with growing interest in wellbeing and self care. Crystals have become an area of great interest for many. Those who collect crystals often choose to wear them as it is believed that proximity to crystals will enhance their powers. Many celebrities are great advocates of the healing powers of crystals. A lot of famous celebrities have been seen sporting crystal jewellery and this has been noticed by fashion editors. The trend has excelled in both the high street and high end markets and are a fun and spiritual addition to any outfit.

Elements Gold 9k Yellow Gold Amethyst Diamond Pendant Only GP2156M

This pendant features a large amethyst crystal at its centre. The crystal is uneven in shape which appeals to the trend for asymmetric jewellery that has been so popular in recent years. The amethyst exhibits a striking purple colour that will stand out beautifully when worn with any outfit for any occasion. The amethyst is surrounded by a halo of dainty sparkling diamonds for a truly elegant finish. The stone is set in 9k yellow gold to ensure that it is high quality and will be long lasting. The pendant could be added to any chain to create a modern and chic appearance.

Stacked Gold Rings

Gold jewellery has launched back into fashion in recent months. For a long while, white gold, silver and rose gold were heavily favoured over yellow gold. Yellow gold was often said to be dated and out of style. However, the beautiful and classic charm of this metal has once again been recognised and it has been spotted on many celebrities. Many celebrities have incorporated this trend in the form of dainty gold rings. These rings are often stacked for an edgy and modern style.

Elements Gold 9ct Rose Gold White Gold and Yellow Gold Tri Ball Stacking Rings GR463

This set of three stacking rings would make a great addition for someone who is looking to incorporate yellow gold into their daily accessorising but it still unsure of the trend. Each of these rings is made from a different metal. One ring is made from 9 carat yellow gold, the second from 9 carat rose gold, and the third from 9 carat white gold. These high quality metals ensure that the rings have a truly luxurious feel. Each ring appears to be made up of a series of small spheres. This style will sit very delicately on the finger for a chic and classic look.


What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing?

The trend for rainbow jewellery has grown alongside the fashion for kitsch and colourful pieces. Some have speculated that this trend has grown out of people wanting to dress more brightly and happily after a series of dreary months. Rainbow jewellery is very versatile as it can be matched or intentionally clashed with any outfit for any occasion. Rainbow jewellery can be found in either bright and vibrant hues or more subtle pastel hues, ensuring that this trend can be adapted to every taste.

Radley Jewellery Radley Rocks Rainbow Bar Pendant RYJ2300S

This Radley necklace exhibits a series of colourful gemstones in pastel shades to perfectly capture the trend for rainbow jewellery. A delicate gold plated sterling silver chain will encircle the neck. A bar shaped pendant is set at the centre of this chain. The bar is set with small, baguette cut gemstones. These stones are in shades of white, pink, yellow, green, blue and purple. This necklace will make a beautiful addition to any outfit and is a lovely way to incorporate the rainbow jewellery trend into any jewellery collection.

Textured Metals

What Jewellery Styles Are Celebrities Wearing?

Textured metals have been spotted on many celebrities in recent months on both the red carpet and paparazzi shots. This makes it almost certain that this will be a huge jewellery trend by the end of the year. This trend has been seen on necklaces, bracelets and especially statement rings and earrings. Often, this trend is executed using flat, rounded pieces of metal that have been hammered to add detailing and texture. This treatment provides added interest to what would otherwise be a minimalist and simple piece of jewellery.

James Moore TH 9ct Yellow Gold Disc Cubic Zirconia Necklace NK384

This dainty necklace is made from 9 carat yellow gold for a chic and high quality appearance. This luxury metal will be long lasting, meaning that this necklace will be a treasured part of any jewellery collection for years. A round yellow gold disc shaped charm hangs from the centre of the dainty yellow gold chain. The disc is hammered to make it catch the light in a pretty and eye-catching way. A circular charm is positioned alongside the disc charm. It is set with a series of sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones. A small cubic zirconia stone is set halfway up one side of the chain for an extra touch of glamour.

What are your thoughts on our guide to what jewellery styles are celebrities wearing? Would you consider incorporating any of these styles into your jewellery collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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