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New Swatch Big Bold Planets Watches

New Swatch Big Bold Planets Watches

Swatch are launching four brand new models in the iconic Big Bold style. The new Swatch Big Bold Planets watches each exhibit a bold and eye-catching design with a signature skeleton dial. The watches share many similarities but each has distinctive design traits that make it entirely unique. This collection of timepieces is focused on colour and bold, statement design. These watches symbolise Swatch’s ability to think outside of the box allowing its wearers to choose one that best reflects their own tastes.

The New Collection

New Swatch Big Bold Planets Watches

Each of the four new Swatch Big Bold Planets watches has been created with the iconic design of the brand’s famous Big Bold models. These watches are powered by Swiss-made quartz movements, ensuring that they are precise and reliable. The watches are splash resistant and should not be submerged in water. Each watch has a case that measures 47mm in diameter and 11.75mm in thickness. The large dial of each watch ensures that they are easy to read at a glance. This large, statement size watch is sure to be eye-catching. All four watches come with two silicone straps to provide the wearer will options and the ability to personalise the watch for any occasion.

The New Watches


The Second Home watch exhibits a bold all-blue colour scheme. The colour was specifically selected to recall the beauty of Earth and its expanses of unchartered waters. This watch features a blue skeleton dial that exposes the blue movement within. The dial is decorated with images of planets, and the number two is the only index on the dial. The watch has blue hour, minute and second hands and a blue plastic case. The crown is positioned at 2 o’clock. This watch comes with a dark blue silicone strap and a light blue silicone strap. Both straps are secured using a pin buckle.

OOPS! (SB01B127)

The OOPS! model is designed in an eye-catching shade of orange. The colour evokes warmth, encouragement and change. The shade was selected for feelings of freedom and expression. The skeleton dial of this model exposes a bold orange movement within. Black hands and indices stand out from the brightly coloured backdrop. The Arabic indices are different sizes and are scattered across the dial. An orange bezel and black plastic case frame the dial. This watch comes with a black silicone strap and an orange silicone strap.


Purple is always a good choice, and this Big Bold Planets model encompasses it perfectly. Swatch believe that purple is the colour of creativity, mystery and magic, making it the perfect choice for such an intriguing watch design. The pink movement within the watch is visible through the transparent dial. The dial is decorated with pink Arabic indices and black hands. A black and pink bezel surrounds the dial and a black plastic case frames it. This purple Big Bold Planets model comes with both a black silicone strap and a purple silicone strap.


The alien inspired shade of green of this watch symbolises futuristic vision and new life. The bright green movement can be viewed through the transparent green dial. Bold, black baton indices are joined to the black ring that encircles the centre of the watch. Black hour, minute and second hands are set at the centre of the dial. A green and black bezel surrounds the dial and a black case frames it. The watch is accompanied by a luminous green silicone strap to make a statement. A black silicone strap is also provided to give the watch additional versatility.

What do you think of the new Swatch Big Bold Planets watches? Would you consider adding one to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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