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A Closer Look At White Gold

A Closer Look At White Gold

Today, we will be taking a closer look at white gold. White gold has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years. Many jewellery collectors prefer the look of the colour of this metal, but still want the promise of longevity and quality that comes with gold. The invention of white gold gave collectors the option of having silver coloured jewellery but with all of the desirable qualities of yellow gold. The invention of white gold was first trialled in 1710, but it did not have the polished and lustrous finish that is desired by jewellery makers. Modern white gold was created in the 1920s, with the rise of elaborate and ornate jewellery. White gold is very popular in jewellery and is sometimes used in luxury watches. If you are interested in adding this beautiful metal to your collection, keep reading to take a closer look at white gold.

Properties and Composition of White Gold

A Closer Look At White Gold

White gold is simply an alloy of gold. It is made using a combination of yellow gold and alloy metals. To give white gold its signature shade, these alloy metals tend to be palladium and silver. A lot of gold jewellery is made from an alloy as gold is a very soft metal and would not be very hardwearing if it was used in its purest form. Jewellers understand that many collectors enjoy wearing their gold pieces frequently, so create jewellery that is designed to be long lasting and resilient. The alloy that is created to make white gold is coated in a precious metal called rhodium. This comes from the same family as platinum and aids with strength and durability. It is this coating that gives white gold the perfect shine that jewellery collectors desire.

White gold is fairly easy to maintain and look after, making it an excellent choice for daily wear. However, the rhodium plating can wear over time, revealing the yellow coloured alloy underneath. This is perfectly normal and easily fixed. A jeweller will be able to replace the plating for a relatively low cost. The rate of wear can be affected by a variety of factors, including cleaning products and the pH level of the skin. White gold is an excellent option for those who like the look of silver or platinum. It is much more hardwearing than silver and much more affordable than platinum. The neutral tone ensures that it will pair with any other jewellery or watches in a collection and is perfect for daily styling.


Sinn 434 TW68 WG S Stainless Steel Bracelet 434.030

Sinn watches

As white gold is such a precious metal, it is often hard to come by in watches. However, this Sinn ladies’ watch incorporates the metal flawlessly into its distinctly feminine design. The black dial is framed by a delicate 18-carat white gold bezel. This eye-catching feature is accompanied by 68 Top Wesselton diamonds for a truly luxurious finish. The watch also features some of Sinn’s iconic technologies, including Q Technology. This works to reduce the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the quartz movement. This model is powered by an ETA E64.101 high-precision quartz movement which is anti-magnetic and uses temperature compensation technology. A robust, polished stainless steel bracelet secures the watch on the wrist.

Elements Gold 9k White Gold Heart Stud Earrings GE2295

A Closer Look At White Gold

These beautiful earrings are an excellent way to introduce white gold into a jewellery collection. The adorable love heart design gives them a fun and feminine look. The hearts are made using one continuous strand of white gold, providing a handmade effect. These earrings are made using 9k white gold, so are of very good quality. This will allow the earrings to be worn all of the time, as they are resilient and hard wearing. These earrings are a stud style and are secured in the ear using a post and butterfly back.

James Moore TH 9k White Gold Pear Emerald Diamond Cluster Ring RD418WE

A Closer Look At White Gold

For those searching for a luxurious item of sparkling jewellery, this ring is an excellent option. It features a pear cut emerald at its centre, providing a burst of bold colour. The emerald is surrounded by sparkling diamonds to emphasise the pear shape. This is set onto a 9k white gold band which will ensure that the ring is long wearing and resilient enough to be worn every day. The band is also set with diamonds. The bold and sparkling gemstones that are set in this ring give it a real touch of luxury and make it the perfect statement piece for any jewellery collection.

James Moore 9k White Gold Curb Chain 18″ GN193

A simple chain is a perfect piece for both men and women to have in their collection. It can be easily styled for any occasion, either by itself or layered with other necklaces for a contemporary and on-trend look. This chain is made from 9 karat white gold, ensuring that it will be resilient enough to be worn regularly. The links that comprise the chain are large and distinct, adding a layer of interest to this otherwise simple necklace. Pendants could be added to this chain to alter its appearance and provide variety for all occasions.

Did you enjoy taking a closer look at white gold? Would you add any white gold into your own collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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