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5 Reasons to Buy a Tissot Watch

5 Reasons to Buy a Tissot Watch

Tissot have a long history in the horological industry. It was one of the first iconic Swiss watch brands in the market. Throughout the decades, Tissot has become a household name with the watches being favoured by many dedicated collectors. The brand has over 165 years of experience in watchmaking and aim to provide ‘gold value at a silver price’. Tissot has been heavily tied to sport since the 1930s. This has made the brand reputable and popular amongst athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. This brand is one that is admired by many. If you have yet to learn about Tissot, keep reading for our list of 5 reasons to buy a Tissot watch.

Tissot watches are available in a wide variety of designs

Tissot create watches for both men and women. The brand’s large selection of collections ensures for a wide variety of designs. It is hoped that every collector will be able to find a Tissot model that perfectly suits their style. The brand’s watches range from extremely robust, technical timepieces to stunning, sparkling diamond set ladies’ dress watches. There is a Tissot watch for every occasion and purpose, so there is sure to be a model to suit every taste.

5 Reasons to Buy a Tissot Watch

Tissot T-Lady Flamingo Mother of Pearl Dial T0942102211101

The ultra-feminine mother of pearl dial and delicate two-tone bracelet of this model make it the perfect addition to daily accessorising. This watch emphasises Tissot’s dedication to designing watches of all varieties, ensuring that each of them is functional and reliable. The mother of pearl dial is complemented by fine gold hands. The shade of the hands matches that of the gold-plated stainless steel case and two-tone bracelet. However, the beauty of this watch does not distract from the powerful quartz movement that powers it. The watch is as reliable as it is eye-catching, making it perfect for both daily and occasion wear.

Tissot have a very long history of watchmaking expertise

Tissot was founded by Charles-FĂ©licien Tissot in 1853. The brand was started in Le Locle, Switzerland and its headquarters remain local to this area today. The watches were soon stocked internationally, so the brand become globally renowned within a few years of being founded. Years of watchmaking experience has led Tissot to be one of the most well-respected brands in the market. Tissot is incredibly proud of its heritage and often reference its roots in watches created today.

5 Reasons to Buy a Tissot Watch

Tissot | Le Locle | Powermatic 80 | Brown Leather Strap | T0064073603300

This watch is named after the town in which Tissot was founded. The area is the hometown of many famed Swiss watch brands, so is a well-known name amongst watch enthusiasts. The Le Locle watches are one of Tissot’s flagship products. They feature dial that is inspired by the clock tower in the town they are named for. The guilloche dial features a date aperture and rose gold indices and hands for precise timekeeping. The case is rose gold and measures 39.3mm in diameter. The watch is secured on the wrist using a brown leather strap. This model is a true ode to the traditions of timekeeping as it is powered by a classic automatic movement.

The brand stay on trend with frequent launches of limited edition watches

Despite being a very traditional Swiss watch manufacturer, Tissot have managed to stay on trend for well over a century. The brand has achieved this by consistently launching new limited edition models that are themed around a current event or style. Many of these watches are inspired by the brand’s links to sporting events, but others are designed for their aesthetic alone. Limited edition watches are incredibly collectible and desirable, so are a great choice for budding collectors. These unique watches will be uncommon and will perhaps even increase in value as the years pass.

Tissot Watches

Tissot | Heritage Memphis | Limited Edition | Black Dial T1344103705100

The Heritage Memphis collection is one of Tissot’s most recent limited edition launches. The watches are designed to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their design. An all-black colour scheme provides this watch with an understated elegance. The dial is designed with pop-culture patterns as its inspiration. Also, the case back is detailed with a Memphis decor pattern. The black dial is the perfect backdrop for the bold, eye-catching white designs. The final touch of the black leather strap finishes the watch with a flourish of classic style.

Tissot strive to remain an affordable high-end watch brand

The brand have aimed to provide ‘gold value at silver prices’ in each of its watches. This means that each watch is created with the highest quality materials, most precise movements, and best designs. However, none of these elements drive the price above a reasonable level. Affordable excellence is hard to come by with some modern watch brands. However, Tissot have managed to retain this philosophy through all 165 years of its watchmaking. Tissot watches are expertly engineered to perform just as well as more highly priced watches.

5 Reasons to Buy a Tissot Watch

Tissot SeaStar 2000 Pro | Powermatic 80 | Black Dial | Silicone T1206071744100

Released earlier this year, the Tissot SeaStar 2000 Pro is an incredibly robust diver’s watch. The watch competes with many other similar diver’s watches, but is priced much more affordably making it much more accessible. The key characteristic of this model is that it is water resistant up to 60 bars, or 600 meters. This means that it can be worn for all kinds of diving and swimming activities. The black, wave patterned dial is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and framed by a ceramic bezel. The case is made from high-quality stainless steel. It houses an automatic movement that features a Nivachron balance spring and has a power reserve of up to 80 hours. This watch is strong and robust, perfect for underwater adventurers.

Tissot always use the highest quality materials and movements

In order to retain its status as a high-end watch brand, Tissot must consistently search for the best materials and movements. The brand use a variety of movements through its different collections to ensure that there is one to to suit every lifestyle. Tissot have experimented with ceramic, titanium, and even gold in its watch designs. By offering the most luxury options, the brand maintains its status as a high-end manufacturer. Each of these materials has different benefits and so each is suited for different purposes.

Tissot Watches

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar | Titanium T1214204405100

The T-Touch watches are the best example of Tissot’s innovation and use of high quality materials. The collection was first launched in 1999. It was developed and improved until Tissot launched the world’s first tactile watch powered by solar energy in 2014. The low energy MIP digital screen and SW-ALPS low-energy operating system provides the watch with a long list of functions which will aid with organisation, activity tracking and connectivity. This model features a titanium case and bracelet which make the watch incredibly lightweight without sacrificing any durability. The digital display is protected by tactile sapphire crystal and framed by a ceramic bezel. The high quality materials house a powerful Solar Quartz movement that uses light energy to power the watch.

What are your top 5 reasons to buy a Tissot watch? Let us know in the comments below?

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