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The New Polar Unite Watches

The New Polar Unite Watches

At the end of June, the smartwatch brand Polar released a new fitness watch. The new Polar Unite watches are designed to be comfortable and stylish and to be worn at all times of the day. Well known for its highly functional sports fitness watches, the unite model ensures you take care of yourself day and night. Utilising both activity and sleep trackers, the watch strives to help you achieve a better balance in your everyday life and create harmony between body and mind. 

The New Polar Unite Watches

When designing the new Polar Unite watches, the brand has kept the everyday person in mind. When it comes to competitions training hard and punching yourself past your limits to achieve better results is important, in day to day life it’s simply not feasible, or healthy. We need to maintain the delicate symbiotic relationship between the body and the mind in ordered to achieve long-lasting results and stay in peak health. Over the years, a lot of research has proven time and time again the impact sleeping has on human health. During the day we’re constantly presenting our body with new tasks such as moving, eating or focusing on work. As we sleep our body has time to repair itself. The Unite watches have several features to help you make sure you’re having a good night’s sleep. One of the apps is Sleep Plus Stages. By tracking your sleep stages, you’re able to get insight on when you should wake up to feel most refreshed and to optimize the body’s healing. It also has a nightly recharge function to show you how your body’s recovered overnight. 

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To ensure you’re taking care of yourself during the day as well the watch has built-in breathing exercises to combat stress and anxiety. It tracks the calorie intake as well as an advanced wrist-based heart monitor. The Unite watches also has activity tracking features. It has a daily training guide, running programs and a fitness test. It also has over 100 pre-loaded sports. 

The case is lightweight and durable. It’s made of glass fibre reinforced polymer and measures 43.4 mm in diameter. The colour display is a touch screen with a glass lens. The watch’s battery lasts up to 50 hours in training mode or up to 4 days in watch mode. Making sure you’re always stylish the model is available with a silicone strap in several different colours.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new Polar Unite watches browse our selection by following the link here.

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