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Introducing The RNR Collection

Introducing The RNR Collection

REC has announced its newest limited edition line – The RNR collection. As with all of their timepieces, REC takes the time to recreate and pay tribute to every part of the vehicle and it’s aesthetic. Designing these timepieces is somewhat of a return to its roots for the brand. Inspired by, and containing pieces from iconic Land Rover vehicles both timepieces in the RNR collection have distinctive adventurous undertones.

The collection’s name is an acronym for No Road Required, a sentiment dear to those well acquainted with Land Rovers. The car’s impressive off road capabilities makes it irreplaceable in the eyes of seasoned explorers. For others it’s a symbol of freedom and surpassing borders. The two new limited editions, the Beachrunner and the Rockfighter, will help you keep that adventurous spirit with you anywhere and anytime. The unique design of the RNR collection has been achieved by taking straight geometrical lines inspired by the car’s body and softened by the vehicle’s rounder elements. Many of the Land Rovers’ design components have been incorporated into the watches. Become a part of these iconic car’s history through the new exclusive REC models.

The RNR Beachrunner

The Beachrunner is inspired by and has a piece of a 1981 Land Rover Series III. Into the dial is incorporated a piece of the iconic car’s roof. The 1981 Land Rover has allowed it’s owner, Portugese photographer Daniel Espirito Santo, the ultimate adventurous bohemian lifestyle. A passionate surfer and artist, Mr. Santo has made a deep connection with the classic vehicle in search for the perfect wave and the perfect picture. Over the years spent on the coast with the salty sea breeze and ocean water dripping onto it the car now needs a replacement roof. Through incredibly lucky circumstances, the roof and the spirit of the 1981 Land Rover Series three will continue to live on in the 552 limited edition pieces of the RNR Beachrunner. 

The RNR Collection

In designing the timepiece REC has strived to capture the iconic Land Rover look as well as pay homage to its function. The watch features a 40 mm case made of stainless steel. Encasing the dial and increasing the model’s durability is an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The rubber bezel has been directly inspired by the spare tire on the hood of the car. The crown protector and the side of the case resembles the grille. The watch’s case back is engraved to resemble the 5 bolt pattern of the wheels, while the vehicle’s colour palette inspires the green colour of the inner bezel. Luminescent minute scale and hands guarantee readability in any conditions. The small second’s subdial at 9 o’clock is also in green. Functions on the watch include a date aperture at 3 o’clock. The watch is water resistant to 5 bars or 50 metres. It’s automatic movement has a power reserve of up to 38 hours and has 31 jewels and a frequency of 28,800 VPH. The watch fits securely on the wrist through a black rubber strap which matches the bezel. 

The RNR Rockfighter

The second’s limited edition, the RNR Rockfighter is inspired by a 2003 Land Rover Defender. The Defender’s owner Michael Ortner is an owner of a 4×4 experience is an avid adventurer and traveller. Mr. Ortner has trusted his Land Rover to take him to every corner of the earth from Morocco to Corsica. Used to climb mountains and run through creeks, this Land Rover Defender has had many unbelievable journeys. Michael Ortner’s trusted travelling companion needed a new door in 2019 and in order to honour their bond and continue the car’s adventures in a different way, he donated the door to REC. From the door have been cut 463 pieces, making the dials of 463 limited edition RNR Rockfighter models. 

The RNR Collection

Some of the elements of the Rockfighter are similar to those of the Beachrunner. It’s case back is engraved to look like the 5 bolt tire of the Land Rover. The 40 mm stainless steel case is square and features a round rubber bezel inspired by the spare tire. Placed on top of the metal dial is a black ring in black, with a checked pattern to resemble the pattern on the 2003 Defender’s plates. It’s inner bezel is white with black markings, once again inspired by the car’s colour scheme. A date aperture is placed at the 3 o’clock position. The hands and 4 indices are luminescent. The red colour of the hour hand mimics the arrow on the car’s compass. The beige canvas strap securing the watch is inspired by the hood strap. It’s underside is black leather for ultimate comfort. Protecting the dial is an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The watch is water resistant to 5 bars or 50 meters and has an automatic movement with a 38 hour power reserve. The movement has 28 jewels and a frequency of 28,800 VPH. 

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