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Celestial Gift Guide: Star Shaped Jewellery

Celestial Gift Guide: Star Shaped Jewellery 

Stars have fascinated humankind for millennia. There are little moments more beautiful in life than a star-filled night sky. Mystical and forever sparkling, the mystery of stars has always enchanted people. The beauty and elegance of stars make them a popular subject to be depicted in art and jewellery. If you know someone captivated by the night sky, take this opportunity to browse through our celestial gift guide: star shaped jewellery and surprise them with something that would dazzle them as much as the stars do. 

Over the centuries we have prescribed many properties to the stars some with more easily explained reasons behind them than others. Stars and constellations were used to mark the passage of time as well as to guide sailors and travellers on their way. Still today people use the North Star as an orientation tool. This explains why stars are seen as a symbol of guidance and hope. 

Celestial Gift Guide: Star Shaped Jewellery

Radley Jewellery Stay Magical | Rose Gold Plated Sandstone Necklace |

If you’re looking for a gift that will never part with whoever receives it, this Radley necklace is for you. Classy yet simple and versatile, this piece will become its wearer’s new favourite accessory. It’s made of sterling silver and plated with rose gold. From the simple cable chain necklace hangs a pendant bordered with rose gold with small stars attached to it. The pendant is backed by a blue sandstone, also known as blue goldstone. Small copper flakes in the crystal make it sparkle and appear as if you’ve captured the night sky in a locket.

clobo star necklace

ChloBo Bobble Chain Lucky Star Necklace | Sterling Silver

This necklace is perfect if you are looking for a small meaningful gift. Along the length of the chain on this ChloBo piece are featured multiple sterling silver beads. The pendant represents a simplistic 8 point star, symbolizing the North Star. Due to its uncomplicated design, the necklace is ideal for everyday wear and would brighten anyone’s day. 

Celestial Gift Guide: Star Shaped Jewellery

Swarovski Symbolic |Rhodium Plated |White |Star |Bangle

Classy and understated, this Swarovski bangle makes the perfect addition to any formal or semi-formal outfit. A silver band has been plated with rhodium to increase its durability and give it a brilliant silvery white colour. In the middle of the band is placed an 8 pointed star which is set with 4 crystals. Leading up to it on the side are 3 smaller crystals set directly into the bangle and a larger 4th crystal at the end. The design evokes the appearance of a shooting star with its tail trailing behind it.

Celestial Gift Guide: Star Shaped Jewellery

Thomas Sabo 925 Sterling Silver ‘Stars’ Zirconia White Ring

This beautiful sterling silver ring allows you to carry your own personal constellation everywhere you go. This statement piece is elegant and is sure to discreetly focus all attention on you. 5 stars in different sizes have been placed vertically to the band in a constellation-like shape. The stars are made of and set with cubic zirconia crystals. 

swarovski celestial chandelier earrings

Swarovski Symbolic | Pierced Earrings | Multi-Coloured | Mixed Metal

Chandelier earrings are amongst the most popular jewellery trends of 2020. This stylish pair of Swarovski earrings is undeniably glamorous. The earrings are rose-gold plated sterling silver. The stud at the top is in the shape of an 8 point star. In the middle of the star on a black background are set crystals in black, blue and white. From the studs hangs a large crescent moon, set with multi coloured crystals in the same way. At the top of the moon, dangling down are attached two Swarovski crystal pearls in nlack and white. Three 4 pointed stars hang from each moon. The middle star’s 2 horizontal points are set crystals. 

ChloBo Small Gold Double Star Hoop Earrings

This charming pair of earrings by ChloBo are made of 18 karat gold. The small hoop closes with a latch fastening. Two delicate star designs hang from each hoop. One star looks as if it was cut out from the other. The pair’s design is youthful and perfect for a casual everyday look. They can however be paired with more formal wear as well, depending on the other accessories chosen. 

Which one of the pieces from this celestial gift guide: star shaped jewellery would you love to receive as a present? Let us know in the comments.

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