A Guide On Garmin Watches For Women

A Guide On Garmin Watches For Women

Garmin is a brand popular in the watch community for its highly functional, highly durable multisport smartwatches and tool watches. Though at a glance it might seem that the tool watches and multisport watches are a male-dominated field, that shouldn’t discourage you to pursue your best self. Garmin designs a wide variety of models for each watch they create and there is bound to be one to suit you perfectly. Below is our guide on Garmin watches for women we have listed and detailed just a few of Garmin’s more popular lines, to help get you started on our way to success.

Vivomove Range

If you’re after a smartwatch that is suitable for keeping track of light exercise, nutrition and recording your everyday activity, Garmin’s Vivomove range will have the timepiece for you. The models are clean and elegant and come in a range of colours. They have a casual everyday look that makes them perfect to keep them on you as you go about your day

A Guide On Garmin Watches For Women

Garmin Vivomove Style | Light Gold Aluminium Case | Pink Strap

This Vivomove watch has a traditional analogue display to give it a more everyday subtle look. Hidden AMOLED screens are hidden behind the dial and only appear when you need them. The watch case is made of anodised aluminium with a blush pink satin finish. The dial is encased by a Corning Gorilla glass to increase durability. A woven nylon pink strap guarantees the wearer’s comfort. The battery lasts up to 5 days in smartwatch mode if you only use the analogue display however it can last up to an additional 7 days. There is a range of health and biometric sensors included on the smartwatch such as sleep monitoring, heart and respiration rates, hydration and stress trackers. To ensure you’re taking care of yourself throughout the day the watch has built-in relaxation reminders and body battery reminders. In order to help you stay connected to those, you love the watch also shows notifications and is compatible with smartphones. Other features include a Find my watch or find my phone function, smartphone music, calendar, weather, GarminPay, step counter and a range of sports activities such as swimming, running and cycling.

Fenix 6 Range 

The Fenix 6 Range is for those who are looking for a watch with a more sporty look and higher functionality to help you in honing your abilities and reaching your potential. Garmin’s Fenix consists of a line of multisport watches. This smartwatch comes in a number of variations to suit your style. The Fenix models are significantly more rugged and durable than the Vivomove range and will become your faithful companion on any journey you make.

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Gorilla Glass | Multisport Smartwatch | Rose Gold White Strap

A sophisticated timepiece with a feminine design, the watch case is made of fibre-polymer and a metal case back. The bezel is made of rose gold plated stainless steel. A white silicone bracelet secures the watch and guarantees ultimate comfort while working out. The sunlight-visible display is protected by a sapphire crystal. The watch has a range of health sensors. It has GPS, GLONASS and Galileo, a compass and a thermometer. It also has music storage for up to 2000 songs, a battery saver, Garmin Pay and a camera remote. For your safety, Garmin has included Livetrack and Group Livetrack so you can share your location with your family and friends. The smartwatch also has incident detention during select activities. When it comes to sports and activities, the watch is water-resistant up to 10 bars. It has several preloaded workouts such as strength, pilates and yoga. To aid in your training the watch monitors and can estimate recovery times, heart rate, respiration and blood oxygen levels. It has preloaded running, swimming and climbing features. The model comes with PacePro, performance metrics, roundtrip routing for those long treks and cadence.

Quatix Range

Garmin’s Quatix model is designed for those who adore the water and sailing. The model has all the best features of the Garmin Fenix 6X range and combines it with any additional functions you will need on the water. Whether sailing competitively or for pleasure, this smartwatch will have your back.

solar watch

Garmin Quatix 6X Solar Power Glass Titanium Bracelet

This Quatix 6X model’s case is made of fibre-reinforced polymer with a metal case back. The bezel and the bracelet are made of titanium making the model lightweight and extremely durable. The sunlight-visible display is covered by power glass. Equipped with solar charging capabilities the battery on this smartwatch will never let you down. Utilising solar charging its battery can last up to 24 days in smartwatch mode and up to 120 days with an activated battery saver mode. As mentioned above, this watch features all the smart functions, pre-loaded sports activities and sensors of the Fenix 6X models. In addition, the Quatix 6X allows you to utilise the waypoint marking feature from anywhere on the boat. It gives you to stream data on the depth, temperature, wind and more. The smartwatch includes autopilot controls for your boat and a built-in Fusion-Link lite app as well as Garmin SailAssist.

MARQ Collection

Garmin’s MARQ collection is a line of luxury tool watches. If you’re after something highly functional, practical and created with purpose this is the line for you. Garmin has several models in this range and each model is designed to fit a specific purpose, such as the Golfer for golf enthusiasts and the Aviator for pilots. 

A Guide On Garmin Watches For Women

Garmin MARQ Commander | Black Nylon Strap and Black Rubber Strap

The MARQ Commander has a stealthy all-black design and the watch case is on the larger side measuring at 46 mm. The watch has a case and bezel made of diamond-like carbon-coated titanium and a jacquard weave nylon strap. A domed sapphire crystal is used to protect the display. The model is created to military standards. Features include stealth mode and night vision as well as dua-format GPS. The watch records heart rate, stress score, respiration, sleep data and performance metrics. It also has PacePro technology, multi-GNSS and a wide range of preloaded sports activities.

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