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A Guide On Buying Radley Jewellery

A Guide On Buying Radley Jewellery

Radley is a brand dedicated to creating unique and elegant designs. The brand believes in letting you express your personality through your accessories, because of this Radley jewellery is sophisticated with a slight bohemian tone. Inspired by the season’s colours, trip and catwalk trends, you are assured that Radey will always deliver something fresh and innovative. Radley values creativity and playfulness and that translates into their jewellery designs. With so many exquisite pieces, we understand it might be hard to choose so we have created a guide on buying Radley jewellery, to make sure that you have chosen the right jewellery to suit your character. 


A Guide On Buying Radley Jewellery

Radley Jewellery Star Gazing | Rose Gold Plated Pearl And Star Stud Earrings

If you need a little bit of magic in your life, this feminine pair of earrings is the one for you. Bringing the beauty of the night sky to your wardrobe, the design of these earrings is truly fascinating. The rose gold plated silver studs feature two stars and a moon crescent. Cubic zirconia crystals set into the mood add a bit of sparkle to the design while a pearl on each earring highlights the high-end look. The combination of pearls, crystals and gold creates a truly enchanting pair of earrings. 

pearl studs

Radley Jewellery | Womens | Silver Triple Pearl | Earrings |

With a more sophisticated and high-end design, this pair of Radley earrings is minimalist and classy. Three pearls are set into sterling silver in a cradle-like pattern. At the top of the earring is set a dazzling crystal. Ideal for the office and formal events, this refined set exudes finesse.


A Guide On Buying Radley Jewellery

Radley Jewellery Stay Magical | Rose Gold Plated Sandstone Necklace |

This delicate necklace is part of Radley’s Stay Magica collection. Made of rose gold plated silver, the design is made to resemble a night sky. There is a pervasive sense of magic surrounding the necklace. The pendant features two cut-out stars. Blue sandstone, also known as starstone, is used as the background for the pendant. The crystal’s navy surface is spattered with silver iron flakes giving the appearance of shimmering stars on a clear night’s sky.

scottie head

Radley Jewellery Love Radley Silver Radley Dog Head Necklace

This elegant and minimalist necklace by Radley features the brand’s iconic Scottie. The Scottish terrier was chosen by the brand as the breed encompasses Radley’s playful brand identity. Since then the iconic Scottie has become Radley’s mascot and good luck charm. A playful yet simple design, this sterling silver necklace is perfect for lovers of Radley and the breed.


rotating disk

Radley Jewellery Rose Gold Rotating Disc Friendship Bracelet

A bracelet with an understated everyday design to add a bit of glamour to your everyday wardrobe. The rope chain the bracelet is made of is rose gold plated sterling silver. The chain gives the design a subtle interest. In the middle of the chain is featured a rating disk medallion with a Scottie profile. The dog’s head is set with cubic zirconia crystals adding a touch of sparkle. 

A Guide On Buying Radley Jewellery

Radley Jewellery Hope Street | Silver Pearl And Star Bracelet |

This bracelet combines everything truly Radley. Charms which embody the spirit of the brand are attached to a delicate sterling silver chain. To remind you to look towards the stars and never stop dreaming there is a dainty silver star. A cubic zirconia crystal and a pearl are also featured on the bracelet accentuating the elegance of the design, and of course the iconic Scottie profile, adding a playful tone.

What do you think of the products we have included in our guide on buying Radley jewellery? Let us know in the comments below.

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