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Should I Wear A Watch For My Wedding?

Should I Wear A Watch For My Wedding?

Admittedly, watches are not seen as a traditional wedding accessory. They are often overlooked when planning the outfits for the big day. The focus is placed on the jewellery and flowers, but timepieces can offer a beautiful alternative to traditional wedding accessories. Etiquette around where and when you can wear a watch, however, can be very confusing and vague. For a lot of watch enthusiasts the question of: ”Should I Wear A Watch For My Wedding?”  is bound to come up at one point or another. In hopes to help you make a decision for yourself, we have discussed wedding traditions surrounding watches. 

Symbolism and Tradition

Should I Wear A Watch For My Wedding?

Watches have not been apart of the wedding day for very long. For a long time wearing a watch to formal events, especially at your wedding was frowned upon. The association was that you wanted time to pass quicker and you’re not enjoying the day or the company you’re in, why else would you have a watch. In times past watches and clocks used to hold a darker meaning. They were a symbol of time running out and of endings, so it’s understandable why people in the past would prefer not to have them at a wedding. As time has gone on however and wristwatches became part of our everyday lives the symbolism behind watches has changed drastically. 

With societal progress and the rise of the luxury watch industry, good timepieces became synonymous with class and refinement. Gifting a watch to your significant other signified a desire to share your time, share your life and spend every possible moment with them. This shift in connotations and status of watches saw them become incredibly popular as pre-wedding or engagement presents. Some grooms have taken to incorporating a chic, classic dress watch into their outfits. Timepieces these days have become more of a fashion accessory, similar to jewellery, rather than an everyday necessity. Wearing one at your wedding isn’t seen as scandalous anymore. Watches have become a symbol of status and style and more and more grooms, and brides, are adding an elegant luxury watch to their wedding attire. 

If you’ve made up your mind whether wearing a watch at your wedding is for you and you’ve decided to forgo tradition and accessorize with an elegant timepiece, below we have listed a few of our favourites which would be ideal for your wedding day.

For the Groom

Baume & Mercier | Mens Classima | Black Leather Strap | White Dial 

baume groom

This classic model by Baume & Mercier will add that desired touch of luxury and class to your tuxedo or suit without overpowering it. Its understated design exudes refinement. The thin stainless steel case gives the watch its classic silhouette and will fit comfortably under your shirt cuff during the ceremony. The large white dial is complemented by a mix of Roman numeral hour marks and indices in silver. A pair of leaf-shaped hours and minutes hands tie in the dial design. Completing the high-end design is a black leather strap. 

Longines Flagship Héritage Men’s Brown Leather Cream Dial

longines groom

A watch with an undeniably timeless look, the Longines Flagship Heritage model is the ideal addition to any outfit. The watch has an exceptional design and a distinctive historic look. An undisputed elegance shines through the design. The model’s case is made of stainless steel and the brown strap is alligator leather. What gives the Flagship its vintage tone and makes it stand out is the elegant cream dial. The dial is simple with only one complication, a date aperture at 6 o’clock. Applied gold indices and gold dauphine hands finish the design. The case back on the model is decorated with a gold medallion of a yacht as a nod to the original 1957 design. 

For the Bride

bridal watch

Rotary | Ladies Stainless Steel Bracelet

rotary silver bride

If you have decided to accessorise your wedding dress with a watch we would suggest looking for a watch with an intricate bracelet design and a small dial like this model from Rotary. The stunning model is made of stainless steel. Diamonds are set into the white dial and add to the luxurious look of the timepiece. A beautiful addition to the jewellery of any bride, this subtle feminine watch will guarantee you are the centre of attention even after your big day. 

Rotary 9ct Gold Elite Precious Metals Oval Dial

Should I Wear A Watch For My Wedding

This Rotary Elite model is delicate and sophisticated. The oval case and intricate bracelet are made of 9 karat gold. Gold indices and hands contrast the white dial. The dainty design of the watch will make it effortlessly fit in with the rest of your jewellery. Its simple clean design allows for the timepiece to be worn even after the wedding, so you can carry another piece of your special day with you anywhere you go.

Would you or did you wear a watch for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below

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