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Introducing the Garmin Solar Watches

Introducing the Garmin Solar Watches

Outdoing themselves once again, today Garmin has announced the launch of their new solar-powered watches. Known for its outstanding quality and its high-tech tool watches, the brand is expanding its portfolio to include this exciting new range of models. The launch includes the brand new Instinct Solar series, the Tactix Delta Solar, the Quantix 6X Solar, as well as the Fenix 6 Solar series. With these new releases, the brand has created the ultimate solar smartwatch experience. The Garmin Solar watches come with perfected sun-charging technology and unprecedented levels of battery life and durability. 

The Instinct Solar Series

Waves and rocks instinct white

Encouraging you to rely on your instincts and trust in yourself, the GPS smartwatch model was created to be durable and withstand any challenge. This model is inspired by those who take the less travelled path no matter how difficult, those who prefer to stay away from the conventional in order to achieve the extraordinary. The new Instinct Solar was designed in order to be by your side longer while you follow your intuition. 

instinct blue

Constructed to be enduring, the model comes with a fibre-reinforced polymer case, a Corning Gorilla glass crystal and a solar-powered battery, able to provide a remarkably long battery life. To ensure you’re never caught off guard, the watch comes with a power-manager. This enables you to see the amount of battery used by the sensors and features on the watch and tailor its settings in order to extend the charge. The model is tested to U.S. military standards to comply with water, shock and heat resistance. Apart from a large variety of biometric sensors, such as stress, blood-oxygen levels and body battery sensors, the watch is equipped with a host of pre-loaded sports and activities for easier tracking. The Instinct Solar has state-of-the-art trackback routing and access to multiple navigation satellite systems. And if you like your watch to be as bold as you are, the model comes in a wide range of colours.

The Fenix 6 Solar series

Introducing the Garmin Solar Watches

The Fenix 6 watch was created to push you to achieve remarkable new levels of performance. Designed with helping you succeed in any challenge you face, The Fenix 6 are exceptional multisport models and now come with outstanding solar charging capabilities. The model features a Power Glass solar charging lens to help in giving the watch’s battery a boost in order to extend the battery life. The battery can last up to 10 days in smartwatch mode when solar-charged and up to 28 hours in GPS mode. As part of the Garmin Solar watches, the Fenix 6 Solar has a power management system. The power-saving mode is customizable, so you can tailor the watch to your requirements and regulate the battery charge as needed. 

fenix 6

The case is made of fibre-reinforced polymer. The bezel can be either titanium, stainless steel or DLC coated. To guarantee ultimate comfort the watch comes with a silicone strap or a titanium bracelet. The display is sunlight-visible. The model meets military standards for shock, water and heat resistance. The Fenix 6 Solar multisport smartwatch comes preloaded with a variety of activities and sports, as well as a range of sensors to monitor your health and activity amongst which heart rate and sleep patterns. The watch has PacePro technology and access to over 41000 golf course maps around the world. The Fenix 6 Solar comes with multiple navigations and GPS features.

The Tactix Delta Solar

The Tactix Delta Solar is highly durable and designed to be able to assist you on any mission. A tactical GPS smartwatch, the Tactix Delta Solar edition benefits from a longer battery life due to its solar-charging capabilities. As with the Fenix 6 Solar, this model features a solar-charging lens. The timepiece has exceptional battery life, with its charge being able to last up to 24 days in smartwatch mode, and 66 hours in GPS mode. 

Made of high-class premium materials, the watch is guaranteed to last in the line of duty. The case is a fibre-reinforced polymer with DLC covered steel bezel. Its rugged design is completed by a fabric or silicone strap for greater comfort and durability. The large sunlight-visible display is 1.4 inches in diameter. Built with tactical, covert missions in mind the Tactix Delta Solar features night vision capability and stealth mode, a kill switch which wipes the watch’s memory of all user data. Other features include multi-GNSS navigation, topoactive maps and dual-position format coordinates. 

As part of its mode conventional functions, the watch has smart notifications, a safety tracking feature, biometric sensors and a range of pre-loaded sports activities, alongside Garmin pay and access to several music apps. 

The Quantix 6X Solar

The Quantix 6X Solar is the ultimate maritime smartwatch. The Quantix range has been tailored specifically to those who enjoy spending time in open water and crave the refreshing sea air in their lungs. The 6X Solar adds to that a new outstanding battery life due to its solar-charging technology allowing you to spend more time out at sea doing what you love most. 

The solar charging capability allows for the battery to last up to 24 days in smartwatch mode or 66 hours in GPS mode. The Quantix 6X Solar lets you control your vessel from your wrist. The watch can be connected to compatible Garmin chartplotters.  To help you relax, the model comes with a built-in Fusion-Link to control onboard entertainment, as well as an Autopilot feature. With the Quantix 6X Solar, you can track and collect stream data, such as wind speed, temperature and depth. Added to the model are the Garmin SailAssist application and a waypoint marking feature. The model is equipped with GPS navigation, an altimeter, barometer and compass sensors, pre-loaded sports applications and topographic and ski maps. To keep you connected to the rest of the world while you’re on the water, the model has smart notifications and a range of music streaming services. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the timepieces from Garmin’s Solar launch you can do so here.

What are your thoughts on the Garmin Solar watches? Lets us know in the comments below.

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