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Introducing Ebel

Introducing Ebel

Ebel is a luxury Swiss watch company. Over the years the brand has become synonymous with elegance. When introducing Ebel, it is impossible to not mention the brand’s dedication to style as well as its undying commitment to exceptional performance. Ebel has truly lived up to its slogan of “Beauty marrying functionality” through creating incredible timepieces which flawlessly combine sophistication and functionality.

Introducing Ebel: History and Inspiration

Ebel was founded in 1911 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by husband and wife duo Eugene Blum and Alice Blum, nee Levy. The Ebel name came from the acronym of the founders’ names, Eugene Blum Et Levy. From early on their success was guaranteed through the blending of their respective specialities. Eugene Blum managed the watch’s mechanism and its functionalities, while Alice supervised and designed the style and look of the timepieces. Alice’s love for beauty and Eugene’s passion for high-class craftsmanship is what became the core of the brand’s philosophy. This symbiosis between the seemingly polar opposites is what drives and inspires Ebel’s designs to this day.

Ebel introduced its signature logo in the 1950s. Referred to as the kissing “E”, the logo embodies the brand’s fundamental values and beliefs. The kissing “E” represents the aesthetic symmetry, the sophistication and the highly technical precision which can be found in each and every Ebel model.

In shaping its distinctive style, Ebel has taken inspiration from a large host of sources. The brand’s style is heavily influenced by simplicity, purity and timeless elegance. In 1985, concurrent with Ebel’s 75th anniversary, the brand purchased Villa Turque. Designed and built by famous architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, also known as Le Corbusier. Ebel saw the Villa as the physical embodiment of its philosophy.  Le Corbusier was a native to La Chaux-de-Fonds as well as a contemporary of the brand’s founders and as such has captured the essence of Ebel’s ideology like no one else. The Villa Turque, or Maison EBEL, has become a symbol for the brand of remarkable artistry, high-class style and a supreme functionality where nothing is unnecessary.

The Sport Classic

Introducing Ebel

EBEL | Men’s Sport Classic | Stainless Steel Bracelet | Blue Dial

In 1977 Ebel launched its most popular model, the Sport Classic. Since then, the sporty-chic timepiece has become emblematic of the brand’s dedication to precision and form as well as its excellent craftsmanship. Beauty in simplicity is at the core of the Sport Classic’s design. The distinctive wave design of its bracelet and the hexagonal shape of the case have become characteristic of Ebel. The model was re-launched in 2017. Ebel kept the iconic design of the watch, while still modifying it to fit a more modern aesthetic. 

The Brasilia

brasilia ebel

EBEL Womens Brasilia Stainless Steel

Fashion is cyclical and with the resurgence of rectangular watches, Ebel has introduced the Brasilia models. An elegant model and timeless model with a retro-chic look, the Brasilia is the ideal blend of high-tech modern functionality and vintage beauty. With its delicately rounded edges, this feminine piece will no doubt become an instant classic. 


Introducing Ebel

EBEL Wave Mens Two-tone Gold Watch

The Wave models are quintessentially Ebel. Fluid and sensual, the line features models with an elegant simplistic design. The model also features the now signature wave bracelet design, highlighting the high-end look of the model. The dual-tone design allows the model to be worn as an everyday piece as well as during formal occasions. 


ebel mother of pearl

EBEL Women’s Discovery Mother Of Pearl Two Tone Rose Gold

The Discovery luxury sport’s line embodies the brand’s love for aesthetic symmetry. The model in the line features another distinctive Ebel characteristic, the hexagonal case. A bold adventurous design mixed in with a classic silhouette. The screw details on the case add to the more casual everyday look of the watch, without taking away from the overall high-end tone of the product. 


An ultra-feminine line, the Beluga features models for the women who seek to have beauty as a constant companion in life. With its exquisite luxurious design, the models from the Beluga collection represent a marriage between jewellery and practicality. Ebel has a long-standing legacy in combining the two ever since they unveiled their patented ring watch in 1914. The design of the models is sensual and holds graceful timelessness.

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