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5 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

5 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

Marriage is one of the biggest steps you can take in life. But the wedding itself is the last hurdle. First, you need to propose. Now whether you have spoken with you’re partner about this countless times over the years or you’re more of a traditionalist and prefer to keep the proposal a secret, it’s always good to be prepared when the right moment comes. Even speaking those four words and deciding to make the leap to share your life with another person is a beautiful thing and it’s very special on its own. The ring you chose, however, makes it that more magical. What you chose can directly translate to how well you know your partner and their tastes and for some people might be the defining moment of your lives. In order to make sure you’ve covered all bases we present you with the 5 things to consider when buying an engagement ring. 

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Ring Size

When buying a ring the most important thing you need to know is the intended wearer’s ring size. Proposing with a much larger or smaller ring will definitely create more hassle in the long run as you’ll need to resize it after. It will also mean you’re partner won’t be able to wear it until it can fit properly and who wants to wait to wear their engagement ring. Instead of guessing, consider asking your partner’s friends or family members if they know and can help you. If you intend on keeping it a complete secret from everyone you could sneak away one of the rings they already own and take it shopping with you. You can also use an online sizing chart but beware as some might not be very accurate. As a last resort, you can always take your partner out shopping and casually walk by a jewellery store. Suggest they try rings and necklaces on and after ask the shop assistant the size of the ring they looked at. Act casual and just hope your partner doesn’t notice anything.

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Diamonds vs Gemstones

Diamond rings aren’t the only choice of stones when it comes to engagement rings these days. If you know your partner has a unique style, likes being the centre of attention or they want something a bit different and out of the box, you could consider a ring with an alternative stone. From precious stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires to amethysts and aquamarines, your choices are endless. A gemstone ring can be chosen to match your partner’s personality or for something you’d like to convey through the meaning of the stone. When choosing the stone, you should consider their favourite colour and personality. Are they more traditional or do they like to experiment? If you’ve talked about marriage before its a good idea to try to remember if they’ve mentioned what ring they’d like as well. This is another decision in which you could involve their best friend or close family. Ask if your partner has mentioned what is their dream engagement ring. 

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The metal you choose when looking for a ring is important as well. Different coloured precious metals complement different skin undertones. Some metals might look better on your partner than others. Have a look through their existing jewellery collection. Do they have more gold or silver jewellery? Base your choice off the pieces they already own. If they own more silver pieces go with white gold or sterling silver, if they have more gold jewellery, look for rings made of yellow or rose gold. Consider also your partner’s wishes if you’ve spoken about it. If they’ve told you they dream of a rose gold ring, don’t buy a white gold one just because they have lots of silver earrings.

5 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

Gemstone cuts

The second most significant style element in a ring is the cut of the gemstone. The cut refers to its shape and how many facets if any, it has. On it depend the brilliance and the sparkle of the stone. The reason to consider finding the proper cut is that the shape of the gem will affect how it looks on the hand. The shape of the gem should be chosen to flatter wearer’s handshape. Cuts are also highly influenced by fashion and some shapes are more popular than others so doing your research is key. In 2020 some of the most popular styles are the oval and the marquise. Both elongate the fingers and are perfect for people with shorter, wider fingers. If you’re looking for something more unique with an Art Deco nod, another popular cut is the Trillion. It can have a beautiful brilliance and is sure to stand out. If you’re still unsure, sticking with the classic round cut will never lead you astray. 

split shank


Styles are as varied as cuts when it comes to engagement rings. The style of ring you choose entirely depends on your personal tastes and what you think you’re partner will like. You can go very traditional or extra sparkly when it comes to choosing the style. If you’re unsure what your partner might like refer to their style again. If their style is clean and classic we suggest a solitaire style, which is a simple band with a single diamond or gemstone in the middle, no extra frills. If on the other hand, your partner likes embellishments and has a fun colourful style look into a split shank halo ring. If they like more traditional and vintage styles, we suggest the three-stone style or the channel setting style of rings. 

Choosing an engagement ring is complicated hard work. With so many things to consider it can get very overwhelming. However, there is no need to stress over the style or shape or gemstone too much. What matters most at the end is the love you’re prepared to share with one another. 

Do you think there’s anything else you need to know besides the 5 things to consider when buying an engagement ring we’ve mentioned above? If you’re interested in purchasing an engagement ring you can browse our selection here.

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