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Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo

Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo

The moon and stars have been an inspiration within the jewellery world for centuries. There is something special about the harmony between light and day, especially if you can showcase it as part of your style. With that in mind, we are taking a closer look at jewellery brand, ChloBo.

ChloBo, founded in 2005 by Chloe Moss, feature a bohemian and elegant style. Their unique look is characterised by soft tones, detailed charms and a broad range of collections. There are three main colours to choose from; Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. ChloBo also showcase a selection of two-tone jewellery pieces for those looking for multiple jewellery combinations. Within their collections there is also a broad selection of Lunar Jewellery, here are our recommendations.

ChloBo Jewellery Rose And Silver Dainty Moon And Sun Bracelet

Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo

This bracelet combines rose gold and silver for a soft and delicate style. It is adorned with both a sun and moon charm which compliments the harmony between day and night. ChloBo bracelets are designed for both single wear as well as bracelet stacks which catches the eye.

ChloBo Jewellery Small Gold Moon And Star Hoop Earrings

Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo

The warm gold tones of these earrings are perfect for summer attire as well as adding to a winter wardrobe. As with the bracelet mentioned above, these earrings feature both a sun and moon charm, showcasing the balance between night and day. These earrings are suited to causal everyday wear as well as special occasions.

ChloBo Jewellery Lunar Energy Bracelet | Sterling Silver

Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo

This is a simple yet elegant bracelet with a beaded style in a shimmering silver. In-keeping with the Lunar Jewellery theme, this bracelet styles a moon shaped charm. The moon charm comes with its own design, including a star and waves which emulates themes of the night sky.

ChloBo Jewellery Quinary Star Necklace | Sterling Silver

star necklace

If you like jewellery that is sweet and simple but still within the lunar theme, then we recommend ChloBo’s Quinary Star Necklace. It comes on a silver chain with a silver star which is adorned with five crystals, one for each point. This necklace is perfect for everyday wear and would make a cute finishing touch to casual attire.

ChloBo Jewellery Gold And Silver Wishful Soul Star Bracelet

gold bracelet

The fifth and final recommendation on Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo is this beautiful two-tone soul star bracelet. Not only does this bracelet combine silver and gold, a combination that is not common, it also styles a star with a unique shape. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is the bracelet for you.

What are your thoughts on our selection of Lunar Jewellery by ChloBo? Let us know in the comments below!

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