5 Dress Watches To Wear With a Suit

5 Dress Watches To Wear With a Suit

Accessorising a suit can be tricky. Everyone wants the suit to be the focal point, but nothing makes it stand out better than the accessories you pair it with. Fashion rules on how to wear a suit and what to pair it with can be quite rigid thought, so it can be difficult to find the correct watch. If you are feeling lost and you’re wondering what watch will be best, you first need to determine what type of occasion or outfit you’re looking to purchase a watch for. Below as inspiration, we have pared 5 dress watches to wear with a suit, matching each timepiece to a popular suit style.

Business/Everyday Suites

5 Dress Watches To Wear With a Suit

The business or the everyday suit is likely something you wear a lot and often. This style of suits tends to be versatile, in more muted colours, such as navy and grey. Chances are you will wear this suit to work so you need a timepiece to be just as practical. Wearing a more understated style doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style over function. Depending on whether your everyday suit is a light or dark colour we have two suggestions.

tissot blue leather

Tissot | Men’s | Carson Premium | Blue Leather Strap | Blue Dial 

This Tissot timepiece is a perfect fit for a darker black or navy suit. The design of the watch is simple and understated. A dark blue leather strap adds interest to the design while still keeping it classic. The watch has a large stainless steel case. Large white Roman numerals represent the hour-markers and contrast the sunray navy dial. A set of thin leaf-shaped hands complete the design. This is a timepiece you will wear on a daily basis. It’s important to make sure it’s durable and long-lasting. To ensure the safety of your watch the dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

5 Dress Watches To Wear With a Suit

Certina DS-1 Big Date | Powermatic 80 | Stainless Steel Bracelet

For a lighter coloured everyday suit, our suggestion is this model from Certina. With a design that is contemporary and clean, the timepiece is sure to complement a lighter coloured business suit perfectly. The stainless steel material of the case and the bracelet make the timepiece versatile and comfortable, meaning you will be able to pair the watch not only with a suit. The black dial is encased by a sapphire crystal. Sleek arrow-like indices and hands contrast the dial. 

Dinner Suit


It is a point of discussion whether you should wear a watch with a dinner suit or a tuxedo. The dispute is not so much due to the clothes themselves but more so due to the nature of the events, you are required to wear such attire at. Typically they are highly formal evening occasions such as weddings, galas or important dinners. Some used to say that wearing a timepiece to such an event might be seen by the host or other participants as disrespectful and as if you are in a hurry to leave. If you have decided to wear a watch, however, just make sure to not check it very often. 

michel herbelin analogue quartz

Michel Herbelin Mens, Analogue Quartz, Leather Strap

A fantastic watch to pair with a dinner suit is this Michel Herbelin. Its design is elegant and sophisticated. In situations and formal occasions where you might be required to wear a dinner suit, it is best to keep the watch as elegant and thin as possible so it does not attract too much attention. This model is only 6.3 mm thin so will hide perfectly under your shirt cuffs without ruining the fit and the overall look. Overall the style of the watch is inspired by Art Deco, giving the watch a distinctive high-end vintage feeling. The combination of the white rectangular dial, the black Roman numerals and the black leather strap gives the timepiece a sense of timeless refinement.

Checkered Suit

Man wearing a blue check suit

A check suit is for those who love to stand out. This suite is a statement in and of itself. More and more checkered suits have become popular in recent years and for good reason. The patterns offer an easy yet fashionable way to elevate your wardrobe and your style. Finding the perfect watch to pair with this type of suit can be tricky. We suggest keeping the design of the timepiece more toned-down as the suit doesn’t need any help to attract attention.

raymond weil brown dial

Raymond Weil | Mens Maestro | Brown Leather Strap | Grey Dial

Having to keep the design of the watch simple doesn’t necessarily mean leaving it should boring. The Raymond Weil Maestro model is a combination of trendy and understated. The rose gold case is made of PVD coated stainless steel. A black sectioned dial adds a touch of modernity to the design. The indices and hands are in rose gold as well, tying in the dial design. Toning down the overall look and making the style more classic is the top-stitched brown leather strap. The timepiece also sports an exhibition case back allowing you a glimpse into the watch’s mechanism.

Summer Suit

man in suspenders

Summer suits are essential for those who wear suits daily. They are made of more lightweight breathable materials and are in lighter colours. Whether you’re wearing them to the office, to meetings or to daytime events, the change of material, and colour palette, requires a different watch. 

Junghans Mens | Max Bill | Hand-winding

A timepiece with a beige strap and a light dial, like this Junghans, is always a fantastic neutral option for summer. The light brown leather strap will pair well with almost any fabric. The sleek dial and case design give the watch a light almost airy look. Keeping your overall look neutral and light in colour will create a more elegant put-together look.

Out of the 5 Dress Watches To Wear With a Suit we suggested, which would you wear? Let us know in the comments below.

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