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Women’s Spring Themed Watches

Spring Themed Watches

It’s now the time of year when the weather is a little brighter and flowers begin to bloom. The trees transform from bare branches to beautiful blossom that dances in the wind. For many, it is also the time of year to transform their wardrobe switching warm knitted jumpers to bright dresses and more.

Accessories are another way to transform your wardrobe with many watch and jewellery brands creating bright, floral designs. If you are looking for a new watch this spring then here are our recommendations for spring themed watches.

Spring Themed Watches

Olivia Burton Groovy Blooms Rose Gold & Silver Bracelet

Spring Themed Watches

Olivia Burton is a go to brand when it comes to spring themed watches. With a vintage appeal, this brand creates many bright, spring themed accessories. This particular timepieces comes with a lilac floral dial and stainless steel bracelet style strap. This watch would look good styled with other silver jewellery pieces for a coordinated daily style.

Elliot Brown | Women’s | Kimmeridge | Aqua Sunray Dial | Aqua Strap

Spring Themed Watches

Patel blue is a fitting colour for spring as it reflects the hues of a spring sky. This model, crafted by Elliot Brown, is not only suitable as a fashion statement but is also practical for those that like to spend the spring months outdoors. The features of this watch include water resistance up to 200 metres as well as luminous hands and shock resistance.

Radley | Women’s Nude Leather Strap | Floral Print Dial

Spring Themed Watches

The good thing about nude accessories is that they can be combined with a variety of different styles. This beautiful watch comes with a nude strap and simple floral dial in a bright shade of purple. For a coordinated and stylish look we would recommend styling this watch with other purple accessories.

Cath Kidston Pink Polka Dot Leather Strap | White Dial

Cath Kidston

Our fourth and final recommendation is from Cath Kidston’s collection, a brand known for creating colourful and iconic patterns. We have picked out a pink timepiece which represents the spring season perfectly. This cute watch is suited to everyday wear and would look gorgeous combined with other pink accessories.

What are your favourite accessories to wear during spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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