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Women’s Glitter Watches 2020

Women's Glitter Watches 2020

Watches come in many different styles, from clean and classic to colourful and bold. As the new season of spring unfolds, we have picked out some of the latest trends within the watch market, one of those being glitter watches. Perfect for those looking to add a touch of sparkle to their daily attire, here are our recommendations for glitter watches 2020.

Glitter Watches 2020

Rotary Women’s Sparkle Glitter Dial Stainless Steel

Women's Glitter Watches 2020

Rotary are a well known watch brand, crafting watches for both men and women. This timepiece is unique within their collection as it moves away from their traditional and classic style. This watch comes with a silver stainless steel bracelet strap and a glitter dial. The dial is finished with golden hands that stand out in comparison to the overall silver tone of the watch.

Olivia Burton | Rainbow Glitter Dial | Gold Bracelet

Glitter Watches 2020

If you are looking for a colourful accessory that brightens up your daily attire we would recommend Olivia Burton‘s rainbow glitter dial. It comes with a gold stainless steel bracelet and a dial that is not only colourful but fashioned with glitter. It shows off Olivia Burton’s iconic style which would be beautifully combined with their golden jewellery collection.

Superdry Women’s Glitter Dial Purple Silicone Case & Strap

Glitter Watches 2020

For those that prefer a sporty and casual style but still seek the sought after glitter look we would recommend this deep purple silicone watch crafted by Superdry. The informal style of this timepiece means it can be worn on a daily basis whether you spend the day out or have a quite day in.

Obaku Women’s St Jerner | Steel Mesh Bracelet | Glitter Dial


Our fourth and final recommendation is this striking watch crafted by Danish watch brand, Obaku. The overall design is simple and the finished style is chic and sophisticated. The glitter dial catches the eye and combined with the mesh strap, this watch allures a contemporary style. For a coordinated look we would recommend styling this watch with other silver jewellery.

What are your thoughts on glitter watches 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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