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Why Gift a Watch this Christmas?

Why Gift a Watch this Christmas?

So, Christmas is coming. You have a long list of friends and family to buy for, but, you are out of ideas on gifts. What about a watch? Of course, as we are first and foremost a watch retailer we are bound to be a little biased, however, we do have 4 reasons why you should gift a watch this Chrismas.

Watches can suit a wide range of Occasions

Why Gift a Watch this Christmas?

Watches are one of the most adaptable accessories you can own because they can be worn for so many different occasions. Whether you are going on a day out in your comfy jeans or dressing up to go to a wedding a watch can be incorporated within your attire. Although watches were categorically a men’s accessory, now it is an accessory for both men and women, therefore, making a unique and adaptable Christmas gift.

Watches are suitable for work

suitable for work

Each workplace has a different rule when it comes to dressing. Whilst some work environments are formal, others are causal. The good thing about both of these environments is that a watch can fit both. As there are so many different styles within the watch market there is something for everyone. Plus, who doesn’t need a helping hand keeping on track during the workday? If you are looking for inspiration on watches you can wear to work then check out one of our recent blog posts for inspiration as a gift this Christmas!

Watches are affordable

Why Gift a Watch this Christmas?

Everyone has a different perception of the word affordable, but we believe it to be a personal choice by the individual. As there are a wide variety of different watches, there are also a variety of prices, therefore you can pick a watch depending on your budget. On our website on the left-hand side, there is an option to pick watches within your price range which means you can celebrate this Christmas without breaking the bank. Adult watches start from as little as £14.99!

Watches are traditional

Why Gift a Watch this Christmas?

Watches have been a staple accessory since the 16th century when they were first invented. Although they were traditionally a men’s accessory, now they are as much a women’s accessory as a man. It all started with a pocket watch, evolving into a wristwatch after the First World War. The purpose of the wristwatch was to aid pilots in practical timekeeping. Therefore, this adaptable accessory has a long and rich history, why stop wearing them now?

Do you know of anyone in your family that is without a watch? Why not get them one this Christmas?

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