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Women’s watches for work

Women’s watches for work

Women’s watches for work- The practical meets the fashion trends.

Women’s watches for work are a necessity, and just because they come with all the special features does not mean that they have to be ugly! So today my beautiful ladies I am going to walk you through some drop-dead-gorgeous watches that come with some awesome and useful added extras, which will make your day faster and better. What to wear them with so that you really can be the most stylish boss of your own time.

Women’s watches for work- Alarm watches that wont set of alarm’s in the fashion police!

Womens alarm watches are perfect for careers where you have timed appointments and busy days, so you don’t loose track of your day. If you are a doctor, a councillor a teacher or you just struggle waking up for work on a Monday morning.(Who doesn’t?) Then a watch with an alarm is perfect for you.

This beautiful Fossil Womens Q Venture stainless steel strap watch is perfect for you. This watch is a smart watch, literally a smart watch. It has an alarm the time and it is digital! The way that the numbers are placed is fabulously futuristic. You can document all of your appointments and all of your alarms you need to set!

And its gorgeous too! The way that the blue and gold combine together make this watch look classy and professional! This watches large black dial means that it will combine lovely with anything you wear in the mornings (even those dreaded Monday’s) as long as your outfit has black in it! I would really recommend wearing a hint of red for a sexy yet professional combination. Don’t go overboard though!A cute little pair of red heels or a red tote will really look good with this alarm watch!

Women's watches for work

Women’s Watches for work- Smart Watches that aren’t nerdy!

Smart watches are perfect for pretty much any job, especially if you work away from your phone. They can link up to your phone so that you don’t miss anything! This is perfect for someone who works outdoors or with children!

This stunning GUESS connect digital smartwatch with a silicone strap is jaw-dropping! The chic design is fresh and somehow vintage at the same time. So you don’t loose that classic edge but you can keep up to date with your technology filled life. It is also really good for those of you who aren’t found of your job, as it has over a 100 combinations that means you will never get bored. its voice activated and allows you to respond to your messages! Its also perfect if you work in social media!

Oh, and obviously it is gorgeous! The combination of the white gold and blue is classic! this watch would look stunning with a powerful co-ord at work or even just a pair of smart trousers and a shirt! A top tip to look hot with this watch is to add some blue to your outfit as it will really pop!

Guess CONNECT Digital Smartwatch Silicone Strap C1003L1

Women’s watches for work- Sapphire Glass!

Sapphire glass is the perfect material you should get if your job is a little bit rough around the edges! As this glass is highly durable and it gives the dial a fabulous shine.

Bulova has created a stunning sapphire glass diamond watch that is perfect for women who work with things that could damage a watch. Bulova Diamonds Womens Rose Gold Dial is unique and stunning! The bezel is set with crystals and gives it a luxurious touch, it is also super handy as it comes with day display; date display and 24 hour display.

Rose Gold is in this season! Combine this watch with some stunning stripes and bold colours for a completely fashionable and professional look!

Women's watches for work

Women’s watches for work- Back-light!

Watches that come with a back-light are perfect for those who work nights or early mornings, or in dark places. As the watch lights up and makes the time literally shine!

This beautiful Timex Two Tone Dress Expander watch is the definition of stunning a useful! The beautiful two tones are hot in 2018 and the petite watch is simplistic and will work well with all other colours. The retro design is professional and classy! And the watch is fast as it just snaps onto the wrist.Women's watches for work

Women’s watches for work- For those fashionable fitness ladies out there!

If you are a personal trainer or work in a fitness related industry then a watch with an activity monitor is perfect for you! So you can look good and keep on track of what you do!

This Michael Herbelin Womens Newport connect watch is both stunning and practical. The combination of the styling and the technology is to die for! The watch itself features mobile integration. It includes not only activity tracking but notification alerts, sleep tracking and even more! Amazing right?

This classic and elegant design is gorgeous! Rose gold and white do pair beautifully together and the level of fashion on this watch is perfect for day-to-night wear! Perfect for you professional ladies out there!
Women's watches for work

Women’s Watches for work- World Timer, perfect for spies and Business women!

Finally for all of you professional ladies that work in the industry of something that involves world time, like a secret agent; international business women, pilot or just someone who is interested in what time it is all over the world…. then a world timer fashionable watch is the way to go!

Like this silver Frederique constant women’s Delight Horological smart watch. The petite design of this watch is perfect as it will stay on with what ever you are wearing! This watch connects to your phone via Bluetooth to tell you the time in other countries and it can even automatically adjust it for you if you travel around a lot!

This stunning shade of silver and the detail of the clasp is elegant and simple meaning it will look good with literally any colour as long as you match your other accessories to it! For you professional travelling ladies out there this is the watch for you!Women's watches for work

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