Affordable Men’s Stocking Fillers 2019

Men's Stocking Fillers 2019

With Christmas only days away, the days of shopping for your friends and loved ones are coming to a close. We know that Christmas is a busy period for everyone which is why we are here to help with inspiration for men’s stocking fillers 2019. From experience, men tend to be a little harder to buy for than women. If you are looking to try something different this Christmas and gift some of the men in your family or friendship circle more than socks and chocolate then we have selected a wide range of watch and jewellery pieces from this Christmas 2019. Here are our recommendations.

Affordable Men’s Stocking Fillers 2019: Watches

Hype | Men’s White And Black Print Silicone Strap | White Dial


This watch would make a great first addition to a new watch collector. It is simple to use and also boasts a unique yet neutral tone style. The colour combination of this watch is black and white which is perfect if you are gifting to those that prefer a subtle wardrobe. This is a durable and affordable watch which is perfect as a stocking filler this Christmas.

Casio Alarm Chronograph Green & Black Case

Affordable Men's Stocking Fillers 2019

Perhaps you are looking for a gift that has more of a retro or traditional style. If that is the case then it is this model by Casio that we would recommend. This is a bold watch that combines the green of outdoors with a black strap. This watch also has a digital display which not only shows the time but also date and day display. Casio is a popular brand and would be a welcome surprise among men’s stocking fillers 2019.

Ben Sherman London Matte Black Dial And Brown Leather Strap

Affordable Men's Stocking Fillers 2019

If you are shopping for a friend or family member that prides themselves on their sleek and smart style then this is the watch we would recommend. It shows off a formal dress style, comprised of a white dial and black leather strap. Dress style watches are made with little complications which are suited to those that strive for a simple yet smart overall style. We would recommend.

Affordable Men’s Stocking Fillers 2019: Jewellery

Police Accessories Men In Black Dog Tag Necklace


Perhaps you are looking for something a little different as a stocking filler this 2019. If that is the case then we would recommend this black dog tag that is new to Police’s collection. This dog tag is well suited for those that like to dress bold and would make a fine addition to a young mans stocking this Christmas.

Tommy Hilfiger Jewellery Men’s Black Leather Stainless Steel Bracelet

Affordable Men's Stocking Fillers 2019

Our next recommendation comes from the street style brand, Tommy Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger actually started as a men’s only brand and has since evolved to produce clothing, jewellery and watches for women. This bracelet shows off a beach style and is perfect for a casual day to day wearer. This would add a little something extra as a stocking filler this year.

Tom Hope Jewellery Sterling Silver Southern Large

Affordable Men's Stocking Fillers 2019

Our final recommendation for affordable men’s stocking fillers 2019 is this nautical themed bracelet designed and created by Tom Hope. It is an overall simple bracelet with the main feature being the anchor which acts as the clasp of the bracelet. It comes in a navy blue and green colour combination which is rich and nature inspiring.

What are your thoughts on our affordable men’s stocking fillers 2019? let us know in the comments below!

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