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The Oris ProPilot X Calibre 115!

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Swiss watchmakers, Oris, have built a reputation for high-quality, stylish, and precise timepieces over their long history. They have produced a range of timepieces, from aviation, to diving, to automatic manufacture watches. Including innovative pieces like the Oris Movember Edition, or the Dive Control Limited Edition. The latest piece, the Oris ProPilot X Calibre 115 follows in this tradition, yet is unlike any other Oris watch produced before it.

The Oris ProPilot X features the all new in-house Caliber 115 superlative movement, a movement that is jam-packed with tech forward innovation. Not only does it use a new alloy for the single mainspring, allowing for a huge 10 day power reserve, but it can also run for a full 12 days, with slightly less accurate timekeeping for the final two days. This is a fantastic, and highly impressive feature, that still allows the watch to remain within Oris’ in-house accuracy parameters of +6/-4 seconds per day, even in the final days of power.

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This movement also takes advantage of a fantastic skeleton setup, where you are able to view all of the galvanized surfaces of the mainplate and bridges from the front of the dial. This gives a very busy and complex appearance, that just looks fantastic. Each and every component is on full display, giving you a full look around of how every single function works.

This skeleton design is much less of a novelty than many other timepieces, and in fact acts as more of a window in to a watch that has been created to chart a new course for Oris watches.

The Big Crown ProPilot X is a landmark design for Oris, with it’s 10 day power reserve and non-linear power reserve indicator, it is an innovative piece to say the least! A fantastic, contemporary take on luxury watchmaking, highlighting the value of a expertly crafted Swiss made mechanical movement.

For the ProPilot X, Oris took inspiration from the Calibre 110, and re-imagined it as a fully skeletonised Oris movement. Traditionally, skeleton style timepieces have provided a viewing window, to showcase a watchmakers talents. However, this movement had higher ambitions than this, and aims to reconnect people to how things work.

This watch lays bare it’s inner workings, with absolutely nothing to hide. Even the barrel at 12 o’clock has been skeletonised, just so that you can see the extended mainspring! This means that you get to see everything work when the crown is wound, and the mainspring coils tighter, and tighter.

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The ProPilot X’s Calibre 115

The calibre 115 itself is a hand-wound movement, operated through the single crown. When this has been fully wound, the watch will provide you with 12 days of power, compared to the 2 days that most mechanical watches deliver. This fantastic 240 hour reserve is fueled by the mainspring that we mentioned previously, which is coiled in a single, oversized, barrel at 12.

This is a fantastic piece for any horology enthusiast, and is a true watchmaking innovation. This timepiece is available online here, and if you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on 01926 298499 or

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