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The Oris Dive Control Limited Edition

Oris Roman Frischknecht ProDiver Shooting

Every Minute Counts With The Oris Dive Control Limited Edition

Oris have released their latest Limited Edition timepiece, in the from of the Oris Dive Control Limited Edition. Following on from last years Movember limited edition, and the TT1 Engine Date, the Dive Control is a watch targeted at reaching new depths with professional divers.

The Oris Dive Control has been created with a lightweight, black DLC-coated titanium case, and is the ideal professional divers watch. One of the most precise, most legible watches that the Swiss watchmakers have ever produced, which is saying something! Most standard chronograph watches will feature a 30 minute counter, whereas the Oris Dive Control has a full 60-minute counter, which is highlighted by the yellow detailing on the 12 o’clock sub-dial.

This piece is limited to only 500 pieces, and comes as part of a box-set, with an additional yellow rubber strap, to replace the black rubber strap that is fitted to the watch as standard, if desired. The 51mm case of the Dive Control houses the Rotation Safety System innovation, and the automatic winding chronograph movement, which is all water resistant to a level of 100ATM (1000m).

This model is available to purchase now from our site here, but with extremely limited availability, make sure to be quick before stock runs out!

Oris Dive Control

Technology Innovations – RSS

The Oris Dive Control Limited Edition has been developed in partnership with Swiss commercial diver, Roman Frischknecht, who has spent the best part of his working life deep underwater, servicing the subsea industry. Working closely with Roman, Oris have been able to develop their patented RSS, or Rotation Safety System, which is a prominent feature on every ProDiver, and has been created to lock a watches dive bezel securely in place whilst under the water. This innovative device has become an Oris signature.

1. Activating the Rotation Safety System

In order to activate RSS, you must firstly hold the bezel’s black vulcanized rubber edge and lift it outwards. This will release the RSS’s lock and the bezel’s black ceramic minutes scale top ring. When properly activated, you will be able to see a yellow ring appear around the edge of the top ring. of the bezel.

2. Setting the timer

Now that you have the yellow ring visible, you must rotate the top ring anti-clockwise in order to align the number to correspond with your desired dive time with the watches minute hand.

3. Securing the time

Next, once you have everything lined up as you desire, you must push the top ring down until it clicks into place. The timer is now set, and secured in place, which means that it is now ready to begin diving with confidence!

Oris Dive Control

Created With Swiss Diver Roman Frischknecht

As previously mentioned, the Dive Control Limited Edition, and the RSS more specifically were thought up with the help of professional diver Roman Frischknecht. Roman has spent a large portion of his life in the water, working in the most extreme conditions, often spending days at a time deep underwater! For the Oris Ambassador,safety is second nature.

As a commercial diver, Roman is often required to spend large portions of time under water, occasionally reaching depths of 180 meters when required, with work on oil rigs and off diving ships. Diving is an extremely physically and mentally challenging job, with different obstacles to cross every time you dive. Some dives can last almost a month, with a large portion of this time being spent in a pressurized chamber breathing in helium-enriched air to avoid daily decompression. This is known as saturation diving, and in this unique environment it is crucial that you are kitted out with reliable and high quality equipment that will not let you down.

Working on creating the perfect dive watch, Oris sourced the knowledge that Roman could provide, with his vast experience of deep sea conditions, a place where safety, agility and precision of of the upmost importance, where any mistake or failure or equipment can be fatal. When the RSS launched originally in the ProDiver collection in 2009, it was instantly regarded as one of the most innovative developments in the history of diver’s watches, which is why we are still seeing it today, on new models such as the Oris Dive Control Limited Edition.


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