Watches For Flight Attendants

Watches For Flight Attendants

Watches are known for having a smart appeal, which is why they come highly recommended when it comes to work attire. Whilst some jobs are flexible on wearing timepieces, there are others that require their employees to wear a watch, specifically airlines. Whilst we have already taken a look at the watches pilots wear, today we are taking a look at watches for flight attendants.

It is compulsory for both pilots and flight attendants to wear watches as part of their work attire, but the requirements don’t stop there. It is also important that the watches they wear have a second ticking hand. If you are buying a gift for a flight attendant and are in need of a gift idea or alternatively need one for work yourself then here are our recommendations on watches for flight attendants.

Women’s Watches for Flight Attendants

Watches For Flight Attendants

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Pearly Queen | Silver Mesh Bracelet

Watches For Flight Attendants

If you are the kind of person that like accessories to be simple with a feminine touch then this may be the watch for you. it styles a mesh silver bracelet with a dark grey dial. The highlight of this timepiece is the features on the dial which displays a pearly queen bee style. This watch comes with rose gold details, including the hands which also includes a second ticking hand, perfect for a flight attendant.

Bering | Classic | Polished Rose Gold | Blue Mesh Bracelet

Watches For Flight Attendants

This is a smart and sophisticated watch suited to the refined everyday wear of a flight attendant. If you work for companies that have a blue theme such as Ryanair or British Airways then this will suit your uniform well. The navy blue mesh strap and dial is combined with a rose gold case for an elegant and feminine finish. Not only does this watch come with a required second ticking hand but also with date and day display.

Lacoste | Women’s Lexi | Pink Leather Strap | Silver Dial

pink lacoste

For our next recommendation on watches for flight attendants, we have picked out a watch that will brighten up your wardrobe this cold season. This watch is comprised of a pink leather strap, combined with a silver case and the Lacoste logo in rose gold at the 3 o’clock mark on the dial. This would look gorgeous styled with silver jewellery for an overall smart and coordinated look.

BOSS | Diamonds For Her | Two-Tone Bracelet | Mother Of Of Pearl

BOSS two-tone

Our final recommendation on women’s watches for flight attendants is this elegant two-tone timepiece, designed and crafted by Boss. Two-tone accessories are a powerful weapon in any woman’s jewellery box as they have the capability of being styled with two different jewellery colours. In the case of this watch, rose gold and silver. For a lasting finishing touch, this watch has a diamond-set bezel so you can shine at work day and night.

Men’s Watches For Flight Attendants

Watches For Flight Attendants

Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds Black Ceramic Watch

Men's Watches For Flight Attendants

If effortless luxury is a style you strive for then we would recommend this handsome timepiece, crafted by Rado. It has a unique twist for men’s watches- it is set with diamond markers, who said diamonds couldn’t be a mans best friend? The strap of this watch is comprised of black ceramic and silver stainless steel for a bold and striking style.

MVMT Element Chrono | Stainless Steel Bracelet | Grey Dial

This is not only a good looking watch, but it is also a high functioning one. This timepiece is comprised of a modern style which is shaped by the bold statement strap and minimalist dial. The centre of the dial features a chronograph which is also uniquely minimalistic. This watch comes with the all-important second ticking hand in an easy to read red.

Swatch | New Gent | Black Rebel Watch

Men's Watches For Flight Attendants

If you are looking for a stylish and bold accessory, this all-black timepiece crafted by Swatch may take your fancy. It comes with date and day display as well as a second ticking hand which also comes in black. The neutral colour of this watch means that it can be combined with a wide range of different uniform colours making it a good timepiece for flight attendants all round.

Lacoste | Men’s Moon Multi | Steel Mesh Bracelet | Blue Dial

blue lacoste

For our final recommendation on watches for flight attendants, we have selected another Lacoste from their men’s collection. It features a contemporary silver mesh strap which has been combined with a handsome blue dial. The dial comes with date and day display along with a 24-hour sub-dial.

Which is your favourite watch for flight attendants? Let us know in the comments below!

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