Olivia Burton’s Glitter Watches

Olivia Burton's Glitter Watches

You either love or hate glitter, there is no in-between. Whether it is part of your wardrobe or decorations around the house, glitter can add a special and memorable touch. Accessories are a great way to incorporate glitter into your everyday attire, especially watches. Olivia Burton has been creating vintage and nature-inspired watches since 2011 with collections such as Under the Sea and the most iconic Bee Themed collection. Within their vast watch collection, they also have a selection of watches with glitter dials. If glitter is your cup of tea, here are our recommendations on Olivia Burton’s glitter watches.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Glitter Dial | 3D Bee | Black Leather Strap

Olivia Burton's Glitter Watches

If you like the glitter look but prefer a dark twist when it comes to your accessories then this black glitter dial might catch your eye. It comes with a black leather strap and is finished with a gold case. The dial is the main feature of the watch, not only for the gorgeous black glitter dial but for the 3D bee that is iconic to the Olivia Burton brand.

Olivia Burton | Women’s | Glitter Dial | Rose Gold | Grey Lilac Leather

Olivia Burton's Glitter Watches

For the fashionista’s out there that love to keep up with the latest trends we would recommend this grey lilac timepiece. Shades of purple have been the height of 2019 trends this year which means that this watch will not only satisfy your craving for glitter but also your love for on-trend accessories. The lilac leather strap has been combined with a rose gold glitter dial for an overall elegant style.

Olivia Burton | Women’s| Glitter Dial | 3D Bee | Rose Gold Bracelet

rose gold

If you like the Bee Themed watches and jewellery crafted by Olivia Burton then you will love this rose gold timepiece. It features a beautiful bracelet style strap which is combined with the rose gold glitter dial. This watch is perfect for those that wear a lot of rose gold jewellery as it can be coordinated for a smart and formal style.

Olivia Burton | Women’s| Glitter Dial | Vegan Leather Strap

Olivia Burton's Glitter Watches

Our final recommendation for Olivia Burton’s glitter watches has been designed for those that are looking for vegan timepieces. The light grey strap is made from vegan leather, beautifully combined with a white glitter dial. If you are vegan or are pursuing a vegan lifestyle then check out one of our recent posts on Olivia Burton’s vegan watches.

Want to browse more of our glitter watches? Take a look at our women’s glitter watches blog for more information. If you have any questions on Olivia Burton’s Glitter watches then let us know in the comments below!

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