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The Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Khaki Aviation RAF!

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Khaki Aviation RAF

Hamilton is a Swiss-American brand, that was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Their timepieces combine the American spirit with the unrivaled high precision of the latest Swiss movements, and technology. The Hamilton brand has become known all over the world for it’s innovative designs, and it’s ever growing feature list for Hollywood movies and TV shows. Hamilton watches have features in over 500 films, including Men in Black, Interstellar and more! Find out more about Hamilton in the movies here! The brand also boasts a fantastic, and deep history in to the world of aviation too. With their aviation heritage creating the inspiration for many of today’s watches, including the Hamilton Pilot Pioneer RAF that we look at today!

Hamilton is a member of the Swatch Group, who are the largest watch manufacturer and distributor in the world, responsible for brands such as Rado, Omega and Longines! Hamilton have built a reputation for quality, and have built an international brand, with fans of all ages. Take a look below to find out about their latest release, and click here for our full range of Hamilton watches!

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Khaki Aviation RAF

Like we mentioned previously, Hamilton have a fantastic aviation heritage, which is where this latest Hamilton Pilot Pioneer is formed from. However, they also have an extensive history in to other areas of the military too. They began by supplying watches to the U.S. Armed Forces in the 40’s, and then to the British Army during the late ’60s and early ’70s too. One of the most popular models produced was in fact a model produced for the British Army pilots between 1973, and 1976.

This model was known as the W10, and is the inspiration behind today’s exact remake. Hamilton have added a range of modern touched to the latest iteration to bring it forward in time, and ensure that it offers the same reliability and accuracy of a modern pilot’s watch. This is an ideal piece for those looking for a watch with authentic history, that will make the perfect addition to any collection!

A 33mm stainless steel case, that has been mattified to avoid unnecessary glare, features that remain true to the original! This is then paired with a matte dial, and box-shaped double anti-reflective crystal glass, which ensures optimum readability in all conditions. These are practical features that have been learned from years of timing the skies!

Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Khaki Aviation RAF

Powering the watch, is a modern H-50 hand wound movement. A slight upgrade from the original to keep the watch beating to the tune of the 21st century! This is a popular module, used across a number of Hamilton’s Khaki watches, and comes fitted with an impressive 80 hours of power reserve.

Each feature and detail of the watch has been created to remain as authentic to the ’70s original as possible. This includes the smallest of details as well as the larger features like the matte case and dial! The black dial has a unique structure, which is reminiscent of a camera case, or the shell of binoculars, from the pre-digital age!

There are two variations of the Hamilton Pilot Pioneer, each with it’s own style of NATO strap. The first model, the H76419931 comes fitted with a storm grey textile strap, whereas the H76419531 comes with a vintage-look brown leather version!

If you are looking for reliable precision and genuine military heritage, the Khaki Pilot Pioneer will definitely get on your radar.

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