Skull Watches: Halloween Special

Halloween Special: Skull Watches

Calling all witches, wizards and spooky creatures of the night! Halloween is here which means it is the time for celebrations, pumpkin carving, trick or treating and more! If this time of year is highly anticipated within your household then preparations will have begun much earlier in the month, some stores even releasing Halloween merchandise in mid-September!

For this Halloween, we thought we would take a look at two watch brand, in particular, Harley Davidson and Thomas Sabo. One key theme that has been seen across their recent collections is skull watches. In the name of all things, creepy and alternative here are three watches within their latest collections with an edgy skull theme.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Men’s Willie G Skull Stainless Steel Bracelet

Skull Watches

Did you also have to do a double-take when you first saw this watch? The design of this watch is to be praised for it’s unique, industrial twist, the central feature of the watch being the skull in the centre of the dial. The skull has a beautiful irony, showing the skeleton of the watch, surrounded by a black textured backdrop. The design is finished with a silver stainless steel bracelet strap which would be well accessorised with other silver jewellery pieces for men.

Harley Davidson Women’s From The Oil Slick Collection | Crystal Set Dial 

skull watches

Looking for an accessory that is a little out of the ordinary but still shows off a feminine flair? This may be the timepiece for you. The crystal set bezel and markers are to be admired on this watch, combined with an industrial oil slick bracelet strap, this would make an edgy and alternative accessory. As with the previous model, the skull takes centre stage on the dial, giving you the creeps this Halloween, actually, all year round!

Harley Davidson Heavy Metal Skull Dial Thick Case Black Leather Strap

heavy metal

Would you define your everyday wear as a rocker? If you answered yes to that question then take a moment to appreciate the heavy metal timepiece that Harley Davidson has created with you in mind. This watch is bold and promising and will certainly catch the eye, especially combined with a leather jacket and your favourite pair of boots.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Men’s Rebel Icon Black Leather Skull Dial

Black leather thomas sabo

Thomas Sabo is well known for its intricate and edgy designs, especially when it comes to their ‘Rebel’ collection. This particular model combines rich black leather with rose gold for those who enjoy a refined alternative style. The skull feature is in the middle of the dial in rose gold, highlighted by the strong black backdrop.

Thomas Sabo Men’s Rebel With Karma Stainless Steel Black Leather

skull watches

If you are familiar with Thomas Sabo then you may have already come across their Karma collection. It is a collection with a bohemian vibe, many of the models featuring a textured pattern across the dial. This watch is the darker version of the Karma collection and we are loving it! The usual karma bead crown has been replaced by a bold crystal set skull. The skull magic doesn’t stop there with a handsome black skull also at the centre of the dial.

Thomas Sabo | Men’s Rebel Spirit 3D Skulls | Black Leather Strap

skull watches

If you were already loving the skull watches we have recommended throughout this blog then you are going to love this Rebel Spirit skull watch created by Thomas Sabo. It is safe to say that this watch is one that catches the eye for its bold and edgy outset. The dial of this watch features nothing but 3D skulls in silver stainless steel, supported by a handsome black leather strap. Is it in your shopping basket yet?

Let us know what your thoughts were on the skull watches featured in this blog in the comments below!

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